I have come to the conclusion that accepting advertisers on my blog is the next step in making my blog as profitable as possible...and it's a win-win situation for you, too.

How so?

Currently my blog has approximately 10,400 unique visitors per month, and that number has been growing steadily with each passing month. Statistically, the blog posts that are featuring tutorials and techniques seem to have the most viewers and it is my plan to feature both of these in the coming weeks which means that viewership will rise. 

If you advertise on Craft Therapy, that means that your ad will be seen each month by at least 10,400 blog readers who have an interest in the same kind of things you do. No wasted advertising money on viewers who have nothing in common with you, your blog or your shop. 

Your ad will have prominent placement on the top, left sidebar and all advertising is on a first come, first served basis with the first advertiser listed at the top, 2nd below that, 3rd in 3rd place and 4th request will be the final ad. No more than four ads on my blog at one you're not battling 50 other ads.

What I'm offering is:
  • 175x175 ad for $20 per month (that works out to .0019 cents per viewer.)
  • 175x100 ad for $12 per month (that works out to .0015 cents per viewer.)
You have complete control over the design and linkage (to your shop or your blog) of your ad. Ads can run from the first of the month through the last day of the month OR you can choose to start your ad immediately and run for 30 days, it is your choice.

Ready to start advertising? Drop me an email ( and we'll get you all set up! 

Remember, first come, first served so jump on it quick! *wink*

Peace & Love,
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