Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Copper Lotus Necklace

So many thoughts to share so here we go:

There seems to be a couple of running themes to my thoughts these days.

One of them is time and how fast it is passing in my life. The older I get, the faster it flies. That kinda freaks me out if I think too long and hard about it…so I try not to give it too much consideration.

Another theme running rampant around my brain is my art (and crafty goodness) and trying to learn and get better at all those things I love to do…art journaling, jewelry making, painting, writing and all those creative outlets. I love learning and growing…and improving. At least I hope I am improving.

Speaking of jewelry, I promised I would share some of the things I’m creating so, here’s a piece that I just created that I really like. IMG_0663


This rectangular Lotus pendant is hand drawn and etched from copper sheet using traditional etching techniques. Other inclusions in this original piece are hand hammered copper bits, handcrafted by me.

It is antiqued with a dark patina and finished with a brushed metal effect to highlight the gorgeous detail. The surface is then sealed with a long-lasting protective finish.

The etching process never produces the same piece twice so this truly is a one of a kind.

The lotus pendant measures 1 3/4" by 1 1/4" (38mm x 31mm) and the dangles add slightly over 1” (25mm) to the piece. The pendant hangs on a larger link chain that includes links of Lapis Lazuli Stones & Beads, copper bead caps, and copper jump rings. The closure is a standard lobster clasp and ring in copper, as well.

The chain length, including pendant, measures 24".

I’ve been working on setting up a brand new Etsy shop, learning to take better photos of my creations,  and trying to be more professional about my craft. I decided that I wanted to offer my pieces here on the blog before I list them over on Etsy…with a 10% discount and free US Shipping for my wonderful (and patient) readers.

So, if you like the Copper Lotus piece and would like to purchase it, it can be yours. I will list it on Etsy on Friday, October 30 at 6pm CST so grab it before then to take advantage of the 10% discount…

Now available on my Etsy at:

If you have questions, drop me a comment or an email. I’ll get better at showing y’all my pieces without being so dang long-winded but I’m just getting the feel of it right now.

Now, the hubby and grandboy are getting hungry so I best get busy working on dinner. I will be back soon cause I have GOT to show y’all pictures of my newest grandson, Remy. He is gorgeous.

Thanks always.

Peace & Love,

Friday, October 16, 2015

A finished Project

Hey y’all.

I hope this finds each of you doing wonderful and enjoying life.

Thanks so much for your kind comments and sweet notes recently. I feel like the gray cloud that has been my constant companion for months is finally starting to lift. Sometimes I feel like what others view as normal life is enough to completely overwhelm me. But then I wonder if maybe I really am carrying huge weight that would freak most anyone out.

*Shrug* Who knows...I can only feel how I feel, right?

Anyway, I’ve been a busy girl the past few days. Remember that dresser I posted back in May? The one I was going to refinish? Well, it has sat on our back porch/patio since then with nothing more than a little sanding having been done. in all those months.

Yeah, that ugly thing. Yikes!!!, right? lol

Look at it now...


I wish I had taken a little clearer picture but I think you can tell that I did it in a distressed antique white. Quite the change, wouldn’t you say?

I will say that I spent the past three days working like a mad woman on this little project of mine. Now my joints are aching like mad but I sure am proud of the finished piece.

What do you guys think?

Back soon.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life Goes On...

I have been in a funk that is beyond deep, unable to function like a normal person. You all know that I have been an Art Journaler for ages but for over 2 3 months I’ve been unable to find the mojo to even touch my journal. I just don’t seem to have it in me.

Being a creative, even when I’m unable to find solace and peace in my art journal, I have to find some type of creative outlet. Lately, I have found that outlet in making jewelry.


I want to share my creations so maybe that’s the best I can manage to blog about right now.

I plan to not only share what I create but will be offering my creations for sale. Trust that I’m not going to bug the hell out of everyone, trying to shove my creations down your throats, I promise. (I hate it when others do that kind of thing.)

However, I do hope you’ll grab any of my goodies that strike your fancy and be sure to share my website/creations with your friends and family. I am trying to start making some sort of a living and through my creativity is about the only real way I know how at this point.

I have lots of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces made already and will start posting them here in the next few days. I hope you’ll come back and see where my head and heart have been lately.

Thanks so much.

Peace & Love,

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