Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What it’s like...


Every single day for the past few months, I have sat down at my laptop and for just a moment I feel like I might actually have something to say...but each day the same thing happens. Nothing. Not one single word comes to mind. I just go blank. Totally and utterly devoid of any coherent thoughts; nothing to share.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be here, creating and sharing and helping everyone along on their Art Journaling and general creative journey. Unfortunately, I am really having a hard time just helping myself.

Each day that passes that I don’t blog/share, I feel like more and more of a failure here...more of a huge let-down to everyone here and in my real day-to-day life.

Just writing this is taking more effort than I think any of you can really imagine.

Please know that I’m trying...I’m working on myself and I’m working on finding some semblance of normalcy so that I can come back and be myself again, with lots of creating and journaling and actually having fun again.

I know that I’m getting there, getting closer to the old me that loves life, and I know that because I am here today, writing this, and that gives me hope.

I make no promises beyond telling you that I’m trying very, very hard....and that I hope to see you soon.

With much love,

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