Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogger is my Nemesis!!

Hopefully this will post…Blogger is not being cooperative, at all.

Unable to post yesterday (Saturday) as promised because Blogger kept giving me error messages and refused to post my “BIG SALE” post.


Since I wasn’t able to post at 5pm Saturday like I had planned, y’all tell me when you would like for me to post my sale. I want to make sure that as many of you that want to be available at that time can be there.

Give me your day & time request and we’ll try this whole GIGANTIC SALE thing all over again…and maybe it will work.

Peace & Love,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bargains Galore!

Welcome dear friends, fellow art journalists, fellow artists, family…welcome everyone! I am so glad you’re here!

Mind has been spinning non-stop with creative ideas and with creating some of those sparks lately. Not to mention, I had a birthday last weekend and I’ve been having more and more tests done…so it has been a very full couple of weeks around these parts.

I’ve also been doing some Ebay selling and it’s going decently…not great but not totally pitiful, either.

I’m doing my best to raise funds since I have tons of deductibles to meet with all these tests, not to mention the new meds I’m being prescribed (I’m on insulin now…joy, joy!)

I decided that there are things in my studio that are just taking up much needed space and I need to sell them and I thought I’d do it here, instead of on my Artfire shop. This would give dibs to my blog readers, ever so faithful through my ups and downs. I have some original art, a few artsy books, a couple of sets of Sharpie Poster Paint pens, pastels and oil pastels, a heat bookbinder with extra binding glue, some jewelry supplies, a BIG box of beautiful glitters…just all kinds of stuff. I will work on the post tonight and will go live with the items for sale tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm CST. 

I promise GREAT prices and super reasonable shipping, too.

Tell your friends and I will see you all here tomorrow evening!

Thanks so much!

Peace & Love,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back from the Darkside

I’ve gone and done it again…neglected my blog and all of you, my wonderful bloggie friends.

I’m sorry.

So sorry.

Life and inspiration just pops up at these crazy times and just takes over my entire life. I get off in my own little world and just forget to blog.

So, what have I been up to? Here, let me show you…


These are all listed in my Artfire shop, if you’re interested, and I’ve got so many more in the works, too. If you have a word, name, quote or something you’d like to see me do, let me know.

I’m also working in my art journals more these days. I’ll try and post pics from my journals in the next few days, (Makes mental note to take pics from journals. lol)

It’s crazy how the creative spurt hits and we just have to ride the wave and go with it cause there is no telling how long it will last or when it will end.

I’m also doing my very best to earn money by selling stuff on Ebay. I have been inspired by Kelly at My Dear Trash who makes a nice living by selling thrift store and garage sale finds on Ebay. But, until now, I have been too overwhelmed or maybe just to lazy to try my hand at it.  But this week I got off my butt and listed my first few things….

AE sz4-1

  These American Eagle jeans, size 4, were $3.00 at the thrift store and they are still listed on Ebay but I feel certain they will sell…if not this week, then next week. AE is a good seller from what my research says.

Lucky sz12-4

These Lucky Brand jeans, size 12, were $3.00 at thrift and sold for $14.75.


These Yellow Box flip flops were mine but never fit me quite right so they were basically free (since they would have just sat in my closet if I hadn’t sold them) and sold for $11.00.

AE sz8-1

Then there are these American Eagle size 8 jeans that I bought for $3.00 at thrift and sold for $8.25. I think they should have sold for more but that’s okay…just gotta pack ‘em up, move ‘em out and move on to the next one. lol

I used to think that these small amounts weren’t much but when you have lots of things listed, it all begins to add up. I don’t have a ton of listings but I’m getting there, working at it a bit each morning before I do anything else (well, except for my coffee.) Tomorrow I’m hitting a couple of thrift stores and hopefully a few garage sales, too. That should get my inventory up there so I can get my listings up there.

Thank you for inspiring me, Kelly. I’m finally getting it. *smile*

I’ll be back soon, you guys. Thanks for hanging with me.

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How I Spent My Holiday




So, that’s how I spend my holiday. I hope your July 4th, if you’re from the US, was a great one. Mine was…any time I get to spend time with my sister, it’s always great.

Peace & Love,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Off Kilter

I know what you’re all thinking…”What’s the deal…she promised us some videos and then she goes and disappears for over a week,” right?

I’m sorry. Really I am. Truth of it is that I have been having medical tests out the wazoo for the past couple of weeks…thyroid ultrasound, battery of blood & urine tests, an overnight sleep study…and I still have more to come. So many health issues to deal with and I am dealing with each and every one of them, but it is tiring.

I have also adopted a pup…we named him Kirby…and he is my precious little shadow.


Tell me, how can you resist that face? When I went to the shelter it was just to look. I have been missing Chloe so much and we haven’t heard a single peep that gives me hope we might find her. And, to be honest, I am so lonely during the days when Richie is gone to work. I am trying to make friends here but it is harder to make friends when we get older.

When I saw this little guy, all matted and dirty and oh so timid, my heart just ached for him…then I picked him up and looked into those beautiful amber/brown eyes and I was hooked. I knew he had to come home with me…and he did.

Kirby is wonderful. He is 100% housetrained (not one accident!), walks on a leash like he’s been doing for life, is not a yappy dog at all and hardly ever barks unless we’re playing hard, comes when we call his name and we just named him a little over a week ago (isn’t that awesome?)…I could go on for days about what a wonderful, loving and smart pup he is but the eyes say it all for me. :)

Anyway, I know those are some pretty lame excuses but they are the truth.

I have began working on my videos…my journal flip through will have to be last since I’m still finishing up the last two pages in my current journal. I have found an editing software that I can work with and I’ve done a trial run through of doing a journal page from start to finish…but whew, is it long!

I think I just take a lonf time in any creative endeavor I undertake, painting, collage, art journaling, mixed media, jewelry, all of them. I know there are people out there that can slap down a journal spread in 30 minutes…I am not one of them. A journal spread can easily take me 6-10 hours to complete. I think it shows, too.

So, stick with me, y’all….I am working on it and on me.

Headed out later this afternoon to have an endoscopy and, possibly, an upper GI for some acid reflux problems I’m having. Such fun, huh?  lol

I’ll be back in the next few days.

Peace & Love,

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