Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Quick Question

I have been wanting to do a video and I know that I am going to do a journal flip through (version 2.0) but I’d like to also do one that YOU would like to see.

So, tell me…what would you like me to do a video of to post later this week? A technique, a tutorial, art journaling how-to, just a vlog of me blabbing (lol), it can be anything…you name it! So leave a little comment and tell me and I will do it.

Now, back to what you were doing.

Peace, Love & Thanks!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Define Yourself

Hola, my beautiful, kind and loving friends.  I hope this finds each of you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart.

As for me, I’m doing pretty good. Still struggling with health issues but I suppose I will probably do that for the rest of my life.

Good news is that I did find a new doctor here in Pensacola and I LOVE him! I just don’t think I could have found a better doc…he got his MD at Harvard and has been voted in the top 200 physicians in the country every year since 2006. Pretty impressive on paper and even more impressive in person…he spent 30-40 minutes with me on my first visit. That alone blows me away but he also really wants to get to the bottom of all my issues. YAY!

In other news, lots of paint flinging and art journaling going on in the studio these days and that makes this chickadee feel wonderful. I adore it when the creative spirit that is in each of us just jumps up and goes crazy in me.

Define yourself4

And, I have been pouring things out in my art journal, too. I’m so glad that it’s fun again cause I have missed my journal time each day. It has always brought me such peace and I need that relief. I finished up my “Chloe” spread (you saw the “before” shot in my last post, right?):
Chloe - finished

Finished another spread:One day at a time

And now it’s time to finish the last 2 page spread and the one final page of this journal so I can start fresh with a new journal. I just love that fresh, crisp white brandnewness (yeah, I made that one up) of a new journal, all perfect just waiting to be lovingly smeared and smudged with paint and etched upon with pens and pencils and markers.

Maybe things are on an upswing…one can hope.

So tell me, what’s new with you?

Peace & Love,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Losing Myself


I love getting my hands dirty…well, dirty in a paint kind of way. It makes my heart feel good and my soul just soars when my fingers start spreading the paint around on the canvas. As my friend Heither (yes, that’s how she spells it) put it, it is my form of meditation. I never realized it but she’s exactly right. Creating is my meditation.

I’ve been working in my journals again, finally. For quite some time it has been a real struggle for me to really get into journaling the way I used to get into it…but it has come back. That’s what happens with most things that we love…they wax and they wane.


I started this one a while back and when the urge to journal came back, I started here and it was actually fun again.


This one is still in progress…more writing and doodling to be done but it’s getting there.

I only have a couple more spreads in this journal before I’m done and will move on to my next art journal, my next experimental journey into my creativeness, trying techniques and in quieting my overactive brain. My next bit of meditating with paint on my fingers.

Art journaling is a love affair.

But every bit of creating that I do is a love affair for me…each piece I create is a little piece of my soul that I put out there.


This is another piece that I’m working on right now. She is definitely a work in progress with a ways to go but she’s getting there..

I’ve also got some jewelry that I’m making for the shop, some smaller pieces of mixed media,, and even some journals in progress, too. Before I can work on any of them much, though, I have a custom order for a quilted book/bible cover that I am working on for a customer. I love doing those…they let me just lose myself in the fabric and the sewing.

It’s all about the creative process, I suppose.

I wonder, what do people do that don’t have creativity to lose themselves in?

Peace & Love,

Monday, June 6, 2011

You are What You Like

I was thinking this morning, thinking so hard that it damn near hurt.

I came to a realization that I have limited myself in so many things, especially my art, because of what others might think about me. I know that can be a hard admission but it is an admission I NEED to make out loud and not just in my head. I think by doing it that way, I might actually be able to get past it.

I hope you will all bear (or is it bare?) with me while I do a little verbal vomit…

I like sweet little flowers. Really, I do.

I also like pink and yellow and girly colors; I like birds and butterflies and dragonflies and even mermaids; I like quilts and lace, ruffles and frilly things; I don’t like crochet as a general rule but I am growing to like doilies to use in my art sometimes. I even realized that I actually do like to wear dresses (even though I swore after my mother’s funeral that I’d never wear another dress in my life because we are, indeed, entitled to change our minds!)

(Remember this page from back in 2009? Very pink & girliefied. lol)

In juxtaposition, I like rusty bits and old keys and gritty, grungy things; I like voodoo dolls and Jolly Roger flags; I like tattoos and piercings and shaving my head (not because of any reason other than it is cooler and less maintenance than having hair); I like messy, layered  and collaged pieces of art just as much as I like gradient transitions of color that change from one color to another without your ever knowing it; I like overalls covered in paint and going barefoot.

(then there is this page from last year that is much darker and edgy, right?)

I guess I am just a contradiction in terms…I like the grunge and I like the girly. And that is perfectly okay.

I’m learning that it is perfectly okay to like what I like and I shouldn’t allow myself to be limited and boxed in by what others might think of me for tastes and preferences and for creating the kind of art that I like to create.

If we don’t give in to our own likes and dislikes, create those things from the whispers of our soul and those things that make our heart sing, then what in this world are we doing any of this for?

Tell me, are you holding back because of what other people might think? Are you shying away from the art or colors or clothing you really like because of the opinions from the outside?  What would you create (or wear or do) if no one else on earth mattered but you?

Tell me…I really, really, REALLY want to know.

Peace & Love,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Something New

We all have dreams, right? Well, it’s been said that goals are just dreams with deadlines and I’m tired of having dreams but never quite reaching them so it’s time to turn those dreams into goals.

Through my friend, Trece, I found a button on her blog for something called 3in30 and by following the link I came across this most awesome idea that I have decided become a part. Thanks, Trece!

What the 3in30 Challenge amounts to is a group that have come together to encourage each other and challenge ourselves to accomplish our goals, three at a time each 30 days.

You can get more info and join in by clicking the button above or in my sidebar (it will stay there.) I need all the help I can get in attaining my dreams and goals. Seriously, can’t we all? Do you have goals you’d like to reach and really need some encouragement and gentle pushes and prods to help you get there? Come join…I’d love to have friends in the group!

Now, I’m late in joining this month so my 3 will be in a little less than 30 but no matter, I’m in! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

My 3in30 for June:

  1. List 20 items on Ebay each week in an effort to increase our income. In the style of Trash to Treasure (fabulous blog, btw!), I will buy good stuff at thrift/garage sales and list them for sale on Ebay each week. If an item doesn’t sell, it will be relisted the next week and that relisting DOES count toward my 20 for the week. So, over the course of 30 days that means I need to have listed 80 items (including relists.)
  2. Complete and list no less than 3 new pieces of art/jewelry in my Artfire shop each week. Listing of supplies do not count, only pieces I’ve created, painted, sewn, etc. This means over 30 days no less than 12 new pieces listed in my Artfire.
  3. Start exercising. I realize that I’m out of shape so I’m going to start slow…three days a week I will workout in the exercise room here at the apartments. Doesn’t matter if I do it am or pm but no less than 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes of walking treadmill/riding bike done three times a week. I can do more but I can NOT do less.

I think those are all very doable goals and each one is something I want to do, I just need to be held accountable to make sure I actually do them and don’t weasel my way out.

Hold me to these, won’t you?

Happy Friday everyone…have a great weekend!

Peace & Love,

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