Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Keepin’ it Real

I know I said I would hopefully post pictures of the dining room window seat post decorating but, well, I can’t yet.

I have actually worked on those cushions for the dining room window seat but….yeah, you knew there’d be a but in there, didn’t ya?….BUT, I kinda sewed myself into a corner of sorts. 

Instead of using a pattern or directions of any sort, me, in my infinite (NOT!) wisdom, decided to wing it.  LOL  I should have known from the get-go that this project wasn’t going to be easy since when I wing it things are always a bazillion times tougher than they need be.


I’m trying to work out (on paper and in my head) how to make my closure/flappy things without having to do zippers…no way am I putting zippers in these babies!…and it’s really taxing my brain but I think I have it figured out.

If all goes well maybe I can post pics later this evening *crossing fingers* and then maybe, if they turn out well, I’ll even tell y’all the secret details. *snicker*

Wish me luck…I’m goin’ back in!

Peace & Love,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Still making progress on all the homefront issues…the hubby is continuing to feel better and better, the “new” house is getting more and more comfy-cozy with all the decorating touches I am continuing to add, and IMG_0466(drumroll, please…) we’ve adopted a new family member… 

This is Tyson, the new man in my life. LOL

He was in a very neglectful situation and needed rescuing into a loving home situation…now he has it with us. He has quickly become the apple of my eye…I adore him like crazy. I can attest to the fact that he’s pretty damn attached to me, too. He’s still got some adjusting to do in order to be completely comfortable here after all he’s been through in his five years of life but he/we are getting there.IMG_0479

Creatively on tap today I am going to be recovering some horribly fugly (uh, southwestern decor went out AGES ago, tyvm) cushions that I already have (it’s all about using what we already have, right?) for the window seat in the dining room, here: IMG_0441It’s just such a beautiful sun-soaked place to sit and relax and it needs some pretty cushions to do that relaxing, reading, daydreaming on, don’t you think?  I love funky color and patterns so I’m going with some bright and beautiful coloring for the cushion covers and for the window treatment, too. Hopefully I’ll be able to show my progress tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed.)

I really can’t wait to make this a more appealing and comfy space…I’ve got my birdfeeders on a small tree outside the windows and love sitting and watching them eat. Even saw a beautiful redheaded woodpecker out there this morning; man, was he gorgeous..

Well, the electrician is here to rewire some outside lighting that was done very shoddy by the previous tenants and to add some outlets to my daughter & SIL’s room so I think I’ll get moving and start my sewing projects while catch up on my favorite podcasts.

Y’all have a great Thursday….and thanks for all the kind thoughts and well wishes, not to mention a huge thanks to my new readers. You guys really do lift my soul.

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Progress & Better Days

Thank you to everyone who left such caring and loving comments on my last blog post. Sharing the true depth of our lives with “the world” is quite scary but when you get love and support in return, it makes it very much worth it. Thank y’all so much.

My hubby is now taking meds prescribed for him (Prozac and Buspar), he has taken some time off work (with our district & regional managers’ support and approval…man, do we work for a good company!), and we are talking about things as they come up but trying to laugh as much as possible, too.

In trying to find my own way through this maze that is our life, I found myself so immersed in taking care of him and his needs not to mention unpacking our entire house, that I found myself at a HUGE creative block. I couldn’t art journal, paint…I couldn’t find any part of my creative self behind all the responsibilities on my shoulders. *sigh*

But, thanks to some Twitter friends that reminded me that my creative self was still there, she was just overwhelmed…I needed to just let go and let it out. So I did…and I feel better.

Sooo much better.


In other good news, while I was in my I have to get everything done all by myself mode, I managed to completely unpack my studio! YAY for me!

IMG_0448Here is the before pic, taken from the door (when everything had just been brought in and dumped, completely wrecking the room.)  Some of the things that were dumped in here aren’t even my art supplies…there is kitchen stuff in some of those tubs!

But that’s okay…in a mere 2 weeks, including 4 days completely lost to the hubby’s breakdown, I managed to turn this mess into this, my private sanctuary and little corner of bliss-making….IMG_0456My sewing machine is hiding on the table behind my office chair but this is my overall work area, with all my paper/journaling stuff , including baskets full of my favorite pens/markers, all within reach. 

IMG_0457This area is my paint station with lots of storage around it, too. (Like the CD rack I repurposed for holding my craft paints? lol)

I really am not feeling the wood paneling but it will have to do for now, until I can recruit everyone to help me paint it (going with a beautiful powder blue, btw.)  Other than that, I really feel like I’m going to get my creative mojo into high gear in here. I’m excited and I’m hopeful…I’d like to say that I’m happy but I just have to believe that happy is right around the corner.

Thanks for sticking around and leaving me your kind words of support. Truth is, I have no friends in my every day life…my friends all live inside my computer, other than my best friend, my husband. In life, sometimes we can’t always lean on our best friend, they need us to be the strong one for a while. It’s good to know I have backup in you guys during those times.

Peace & Love,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beyond Full

Just a quick drop in to let you all know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  This move has really taken its toll on all of us, physically and mentally. My body aches, I am overwhelmed looking at the boxes that still remain unpacked (even thought that seems to be all I do every single day since the move), I am aching to do art but finding my supplies is a slow process but I’m getting there.

Then, in the midst of all the uproar of the move, my dear husband has suffered a major breakdown.  I never know how much to share here but in my effort to “keep it real”, he became suicidal Tuesday and I have spend days getting him therapy, taking him to doctors, spending time with him and, yes, crying my eyes out.

I don’t take his emotional meltdown personal, it is my belief (and his counselor believes the same way) that his work being so massively stressful coupled with the loss of our home to foreclosure and the move that it forced us into was just more than he could take all at once.

So, as you can see, my hands (not to mention my head and heart) have been beyond full lately.  Things are getting better on every front but it’s slow going, all the way around.

Please keep us in your thoughts and know I will be back at it soon, sharing my art and life as I have always done here.

Much Peace & Love,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before & After

I have so much I want to do right now and packing and moving are not included in that list of things. 

What I’d really like is to already be at the new house with my art studio all painted and set up so I can just go close myself up in there for hours and play and paint and rip paper and spread glue and journal and just create pretty things that make me happy.

But that’s not how it is right now…packing and moving have to be done first.


Pre-move painting is done….out of necessity, not that it’s actually complete.  We did the rooms that HAD to be done and will paint my studio, the kitchen cabinets and the walls in the hall, not to mention an all out redo of the 2nd bathroom and laundry room after we move in.  There was only so much time so prioritizing had to be done.

Here is some of the progress we’ve made (before & during/after) in pictures:LR fireplace before-duringLiving room fireplace before and during (it’s done now, though.)

Window Seat Before and AfterDining room window seat before and after. 

Dining Room Fireplace Before and After Dining room fireplace (and half the french doors into the living room that still need to be scraped) before and after.

Hall before-after This before and after is in the hall.  The house was built in the 30’s or so (I’m going to find out more about the house after we get moved) and this cabinet is a can closet for all the canned goods. The door to the left of the can closet goes into my studio. (And yes, that fugly wallpaper is definitely going but that will have to be done after we’ve moved in.)

So, you can see how busy we’ve been. I am so exhausted and my heart just wants to be done with this crazy move. I have art journaling I need to do for my Kelly Kilmer class but it’s just going to have to wait.  My mind knows that we’ll be settled in within a week or so and I will have beautiful places to sit and journal with my morning coffee, to paint and collage til my heart’s content.

I keep telling myself, just a little more time and all will settle down. Just a little more time…

If I’m not around for a few days, y’all will know why…packing and moving.  Oh joy.  Wish me luck.

Peace, Love & Art,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Letting Go of Clutter

It’s a new year, a time of starting fresh, making goals, letting go of the past and those things that weight us down (literally and figuratively).  I am really taking these ideas to heart this year.

With the move quickly coming up, I am sorting through things as I pack and, taking the advice that I read from a friend who is a much more organized woman than me, before I pack anything, I ask myself “Is it useful (and will I/we use it), is it beautiful, does it bring me/us/Richie joy?”  If it doesn’t fit that criteria, it’s not getting moved…I’m either selling it, giving it away or trashing it. PERIOD~!

I mean seriously, why do we keep stuff that doesn’t fit into those categories? Why do we keep clothes that don’t fit or that we don’t really like? Shoes that are butt-ugly or are uncomfortable?  Because we like having “stuff”? Because we want to have full closets and shoe racks? Because we think more “stuff” will make us feel better or that maybe that if we have lots of “stuff” we’ll look better to our friends?

OMG, am I ever learning things about myself and what’s important in life.  And “stuff” ain’t it, folks.  Having “stuff” just means you’ve cluttered up your life. Ugh!  I’m tired of the clutter (again, literally and figuratively) and I’m taking a deep breath and letting it go…as much as possible.

I also want to surround myself with beauty and color and those things that DO make me happy. So, instead of going with plain-jane colors for the new living room, I decided to go for it and chose a bright and beautiful color for the walls.

Before: IMG_0419 LR Fireplace

And this is a “during” pic (I’ll try and post some “after” photos later this week):photoAlthough the fireplace looks black here, it’s really a deep, dark gray.  The walls are a glorious yellow-orange (more orangey than yellow)…bright and happy, just how I want it!

The bad news is that while Leg bruisepainting the living room, the ladder I was on (at the top, no less), broke! Yeah, me and a half a gallon of that beautiful yellow-orange fell about 4 foot and went *thud* on the hardwood floor.  I thought I had broken my leg but, luckily, I hadn’t. I did manage to hurt myself nicely…check out my bruise over there.  It’s about halfway between my ankle and knee on my left leg. It’s hot and swollen and hurts like crazy but I am just thankful that it’s not broken.  (Wow, I have some big pores on my leg, don’t I? LOL)

So, that’s the New Year’s things that are going on for me so far.  We’re headed back to the “new” house in a couple of hours to finish up the last details on the living room paint job and start on the dining room (which has that same fugly green trim/fireplace and horridly nasty off white walls). 

Lots of painting to be done but it will feel so much more like home once it’s done.  I’ll just be glad when we’re done painting, all moved in and I can get back to my art, where I feel happiest.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday and the New Year has started off well.

Peace, Love & Art,

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