Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Time has Come…

I have enjoyed this blog so much for so long but, as is with everything and everyone in life, changes happen. We grow and spread our wings, learn new things and travel different paths than we began our journey on.

That’s how life goes…we grow and shift and change and with those occurrences, we have to embrace the new and not try to cling so tightly to the old. Enjoying the journey is as much about keeping our face to the sun as it is about not looking back and trying to live in our own shadows.

Craft Therapy has been just that for me…therapeutic. I believe this little corner of the internet, my corner, and those of you that have been so wonderful to come visit me here with all of my ups and downs, hiatuses and daily ramblings, are a huge part of what saved me from my own self destruction for nearly two years (and they were tough years, believe me!)

As my art has grown and changed, and I have healed some (although both will be lifelong endeavors), I feel the need to recreate myself online…to do as the momma bird does when one season of her life melds into another, and make a new nest for the new season.

I have loved being here, sharing crafty and even some personal bits here and there but I want to narrow my focus art-wise and “Craft Therapy” is far too broad of a scope. I have learned that I am not “just” a crafter…I am an artist. Really. I am. (LOL) My favorite medium(s) are art journals, collage and mixed media and there is where my focus on my NEW blog will be.

I do invite you all to come and visit me there at: Unmasking My Soul…to see another side of me, the artist in me and a more invested blogger with (hopefully) a renewed sense of purpose in the blogosphere. The one who is searching for peace and finding it in each and every day, some how, some way.

Thank you so much for all the wonderfulness…I hope to see you on the other side.

Peace & Love Always,

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