Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taking a Blogging Break

I’ve realized that I have very little time to myself anymore, now that I’m working full time again.  I am not journaling as much as I would like to, I am not keeping up with all the wonderful blogs that I so adore, I am not even playing with my baby boys (Jasper & Juno, my precious maltipoo pups) like I should. 

Everything is suffering...mainly me.

So, I decided to take a blogging vacation.  I love this blog and the great friends I’ve made through it but I don’t like the feeling guilty that I wind up suffering with when I don’t update for long periods of time due to just being overwhelmed.  (I don’t know how some of you chicas manage to do it all !!!)

I’m not leaving the blogosphere by any means, I’m just going to take a little break...probably just for the month of June or so...to spend more time doing art, working in my journals (yes, I have FOUR of them going right now!), playing with my babies, playing with the hubby (lol) and just not worrying so damn much.

I know I’ve already lost readership around here due to my inability to post with any regularity and I am sure I’ll lose even more of you with this decision...but for those of you that do stick around, I am eternally grateful.

Take care and I will talk at ya later.

Much Peace & Love,


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