Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zentangles & Yummy Journals!

Did y’all think I had disappeared off the face of the earth? Nope, I’m still here…busy as a little ol’ bee these days, too.

The hubby and I both ended up with some kind of stomach virus Tuesday evening and went straight to bed when we got home from work and both of us wound up off work yesterday (couldn’t get too far from the bathroom, don’t ya know…ick!) Today we were both back at it full force and then, when we got home from work (10 1/4 hours for each of us), we did an hour and a half of yard work…mowing, raking, picking up the “stick collection” that our boys (Jasper & Juno) have been saving up at their favorite sunny spot.

Needless to say, I am POOPED!!!

Tomorrow is May 1st and it was my plan to have all my goodie envelopes addressed, filled and ready to mail but it will probably be Saturday morning before I make it to the Post Office with them since I have to work tomorrow to make up for missing Wednesday. Sorry…but I’m getting there. Life is just so full these days.

I did manage to clean up my studio a bit so I can work in there without getting claustraphobic (LOL) and have made it my daily lunch ritual to sit in the shade with my lunch, a cold Diet Mt. Dew and my Moleskine and do my Zentangles. I haven’t missed a day since starting work. It relaxes me and keeps me from feeling that I’m losing touch with my art, too.

Here are some I’ve done lately (you can click on any of them to enlarge and see them bigger)….

Easter's Egg


Hearts Aflutter

Sunrise Sonata

Can you tell how much I love doing these? It is very relaxing and calming for me and keeps me feeling good, even when things around me are stressful. Gotta love that!

Speaking of Moleskines and just great journals in general…I have found the MOST awesome site to order them from! OMG, if you love journals and who doesn’t?, you just have to check out: Journaling Arts. Cynthia’s got the best selection you’ll ever find in journals. I think I want at least one of everything she’s got! lol I am really dreaming of this one (*drools*):

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!!!

Anyway, I have paperwork to finish for work so I can get my expense check in a quickness…and we are going to eat some yummy Chinese for dinner.

I’ll try not to be gone so long this time…much love to you all.

Peace & Love,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, Some Art

Hi y’all!!  I’ve sure missed everyone but I have had another busy week at work and I’m still loving it...PLUS, I’ve actually gotten in some art time in the evenings, a little here and a little there.  I guess that means that I really am starting to adapt to my new schedule and being back at work.  I think it will continue to get even better.

Thank you all for hanging with me, being patient, and for giving me some much needed support during my transition back into the working world.  I have the best friends and readers in the world. I just adore you all so much!

The race on Sunday was great until the rain moved in and settled on the track for over 3 hours.  We ended up leaving after the first full round and heading for home, getting here just in time to see the rest of the race on ESPN2.  No problem.  We still had a great time!!

Now, on to the art I’ve managed to create lately (YAY! Go me!!!)


These are some tile pendants I’ve made from Scrabble tiles (the smaller (ones) and the larger ones are wood tiles I cut from paint stir sticks from work. (Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. LOL  Just kidding, Peace & Lovethey’re free.)  I Still have to attach the bails to the ones that say “Create” and “Joy” but my E6000 adhesive is all gone so I need to pick some up tomorrow when I run errands.

Tile PendantsI love making these...they are so fun and will look great on the sterling ball chains I have.  The lacquer overcoat layer is about 1/16” thick and really shines like crazy!  What do y’all think?

In my art journal I’ve actually done a couple of spreads and even managed a few pages of Zentangles in my Moleskine, too. 

I didn’t scan them this time (too lazy right this moment) but took pics with my digital camera so the clarity isn’t great (sorry.)

Childhood Memoris I was thinking about all those great memories from my childhood that I have running through my mind at random times and decided I want a place to just jot them down as they come to me, so here’s the pages I am doing that on. 

I found the flower and little girl in a magazine ad then collaged all kinds of sky blues from other magazine pics to make the sky and greens to make the grass then coated each area with it’s respective color of acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium to unify each area.  And we all know you can never go wrong with a black and white checkered border. *smile*

  Now whenever I think of some great childhood memory I had forgotten about, I open to this page and jot a line about it.  If you art journal, you really should try this idea.  It’s a great little place to put reminders about all those warm and fuzzy moments that you come across from time to time.

Hills & ValleysThis is another one that is a little off color wise (and has a bad glare, too) due to being a pic instead of a scan.  *shrug*  The face just seemed to shout Hills and Valleys at me so that’s what they became.  The journaling was just my train of thought after I did the background.

So, there you have what I’ve been up to lately when not at work or sleeping.  What have y’all been up to this week?

Off to read some of you guys right now.  I am sorry I’m behind on everyone but catching up is hard to do! I’m trying though.

Peace & Love,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not so Amusing Day at the Park

We’re at the hotel in Suwanee, Georgia and man, it’s been a long day!  We were up early and at Six Flags shortly after their 10am opening..and so were about 100 different busloads of kids from various high school bands.

That means that the weather may have been perfect for a day at the amusement park but this deluge of teenagers (about 8-10,000 of them) made it so packed that you couldn’t get on a ride without a 90+ minute wait.  It was horrendous!!!!

We had so been looking forward to having a good time and riding rides all day but it was so packed that it made us all miserable. *sigh*

We did ride a few things but ended up giving up after Toad lost his wallet and the crowds just got to be too much.

Oh well, we’re really here for the race tomorrow but the really bad news is that I have kept an eye on the forecast and it is calling for rain at the track all day tomorrow. 

Rain means no racing.  No racing means a disappointed crew here with me and a hubby that will be crabbier than you can imagine.

I’m so hoping for no rain.  Puh-leeeeze, no rain!  Just let it hold off until late afternoon, at least.

I guess we’ll see.

I think I am going to close this and relax for a while before an early sleep so I can get up early in the morning.

Oh, and don’t worry…we’re still having a blast.  We’ve had more laughs than you can imagine and we’re not letting the not so great parts of the weekend get to us.  Slowly but surely I am convince them that attitude is 90% of every experience…it’s making the trip much more fun than it would be if they (we?) let the sucky parts get to us.  Gotta see the good and not let the bad get to ya.  Least that’s my thoughts on it.

Now, I’m really out of here for tonight.

Happy weekend, y’all!

Peace & Love,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Time for a Getaway

Whew, it’s been a long week. A productive and fulfilling week but a very tiring one for this chica, I’m tellin’ ya!

Although today is Friday, it is the beginning of my weekend since I managed to put in 42 hours in 4 days…see what I mean about tiring?  I’m traveling to Tuscaloosa for my assignments right now and it’s almost two hours each way so I’m devouring books on CD quickly (plus that is much of my work time, too.)

Today the dragsterhubby and I are heading out to Atlanta, GA, taking Shelby & Toad along, for a weekend of fun including the NHRA drag race.  YAY!!!  I am such a huge drag racing fan; I love it!

I’m so excited! 

We’ve got plans to head out early this afternoon (hopefully, if Toad can get off work early), stop in Birmingham at this fabulous Mexican place for an awesome wagt_six_flags_parkmeal, check into our hotel in Atlanta (Austell, actually) and relax tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll pack up, eat breakfast then head to Six Flags to ride rollercoasters all day!!!

That should be a blast.  We had so much fun the last time we went (Summer 2006) and because of the economy, Six Flags has dropped the price of their tickets which makes it much easier to afford.  I even bought our tickets and parking pass online already. 

Anyway, then we’ll drive toward the race site (about 60 miles northeast of Atlanta), check into our next hotel, shower, eat a good dinner out and then head to bed early because Sunday is the RACE!  We’ll be up early, breakfast and at the track by 8am!  

dunn Be sure to check out NHRA RaceDay which airs on ESPN2 at 10:30am (central time). Richie & I will be on it, yelling and cheering like crazy!  I’ll even have a sign so look for the crazy, short haired, chubby chick, waving a sign...gotta think of something good to put on it. LOL!!!

I’m so excited.  It’s been forever since we’ve gone anywhere or done anything (remember, I’ve been hoarding every extra dollar to keep our house out of foreclosure) so this trip is such a humongous treat. Can you tell?  LOL

I hope that you all have a good weekend planned and that you enjoy every moment of it. Life is short, enjoy the ride...every single morsel of the ride.

Peace, Love & Rollercoasters,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Decision Made & Journal Pages

I’ve thought about it all day…how I’ve been loving giving out goodies in my 29 Days “contest” but how, with work being such a drain on me right now, I have run further and further behind in my giveaways.  Y’all have no idea how much that bothers me and I am doing this because it makes me feel good so I don’t want it to turn into something stressful.  I just want it to be fun and continue to make me feel good.

So, I came up with the perfect solution!!!

There are 38 comments on the “Giveaway” blog post but a few of those didn’t send me addresses (you know who you are) and one ninny commented twice (you know who you are, too, KRISTIN! lol)…I have decided to gift each one of you that took time to comment AND send me your address.  Yep, it may take me til the end of the month to get all my little packages filled, addressed, stamped and mailed but EVERYONE is getting a little something from me.

Thus, no more drawings or posting about the drawings…I can just take my list of addresses that I received and know that each one of you will be receiving something from me.  Voila, a super good feeling for me, a goodie (or two) for each of you (YAY!!!), and now I can journal and paint and make jewelry and WORK (like the little worker bee I am these days) without feeling overwhelmed or like I’m falling behind.

I love posting my art and doing my art, so now I can go back to focusing on that in the evenings without that feeling of guilt that I haven’t used the Randomizer and posted a winner which, after dinner, dishes, time with hubby and a little internet surfing, and very little journaling, left me feeling drained.

Y’all feelin’ me?

Anyway, if you commented on that entry and forgot to send me your address, email it to me NOW (even you guys, Melissa, Kristin & Rebecca!) so I can get my ducks in a row and meet my deadline (self imposed) of having all my goodies out in the mail by April’ll just have to be patient with me until then.  I’ll try and make it worth it. *smile*

So, what do you think?

Now for some A.R.T., art!!! Here’s what I’ve been doing while I am on my lunch break each day:

Hand ZentangleI’ve got a Moleskine that I’ve dedicated solely to doing Zentangles and doodles and I take it with me everywhere I go. 

I’m finding that it relaxes me to do them at lunch so when I go back to the store I really do feel refreshed and as though my stress level is staying low.

It really is very calming and relaxing..not to mention that you never know what they’ll turn out looking like in the end.  Portable art with very little supplies…gotta love that.

If you haven’t tried them, you really should.  Not quite as good as a one hour full body massage but hey, way cheaper one. LOL

AngerAnd this is a journal spread I did quite spur of the moment after some kooky woman decided to attack me on one of the Yahoo journaling groups I subscribe to.  She really pissed me off and this was my way of letting off steam AND reminding myself that I am only in control of ME, no one else.

I felt better after doing it.  (See the snooty woman on the right page..that’s her LOL)  

Anyway, work is going great and I’m handling it great. too.  I have to admit that I’m really proud of myself.  Three months ago I really never thought I’d work again and look at me now.  YAY, go me!

I hope you’re all doing well.  Sorry I’m not reading blogs much right now but maybe I’ve freed myself up a little and can try to play a little catch up with some of you now.

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥ 

Fallen Behind

I haven’t forgotten or given up on my giveaways, I have just fallen behind.  Partly due to just being so tired and then last night, when I was trying to get to the ones I hadn’t done, a HUGE storm blew in, knocked our electricity out and shot that idea for me.

Bear with me and I will get back in sync but for now, it’s time to get ready for work.

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Winners #7 & 8

Slowly but surely I am adapting to working again.  Does that sound strange?  I mean, that I’m having to adapt to working after having worked for the past 27 years other than this year long break?

Well, let me tell you, it’s pretty easy to fall out of the habits of being in the working world. 

I just didn’t want y’all to think I am intentionally being a slacker about doing my giveaways…I think about it each day but, like yesterday, exhaustion sometimes gets the best of me and I can’t even think coherently, much less write a blog post. lol

I haven’t even scanned any journal pages in over a week!  OMG, y’all know how I love to share my journaling so a week with no scans…how blasphemous is that?!?!?

Anyway, let’s do two today to make up for my incoherency yesterday…

4-7 That means that Seth, fabulously artistic Seth!, is our 7th winner!  Woot…YAY Seth!

Seth said...

Congratulations on your 100th post Barb. Job well done! And thanks for being so generous here with the giveaways!

March 16, 2009 11:02 PM

And for today, our winner is:


And comment number 8 is the wonderful Sharon, my friend in positivity! YAY Sharon!!!

Sharon said...

Happy BD to your blog!! I know that we all seem to get down when we are in pain and feel crappy. We must repeat each day,"I am a healthy beautiful person!!" I am at this minute sending you positive thoughts. Read the book, The Secret, to get you on the way to abundance in your life. And oh yea, please include me in the give aways and thanx for sharing. Sharon

March 15, 2009 7:39 PM

I’ve not forgotten about my egg shells but I just haven’t had time or energy to really get it going the way I want…at least, not far enough into it to share with y’all yet.  But I will…I swear I will…just be patient with me.

What kind of art or other goodness are y’all creating these days?

Thanks for sticking with me, y’all…I will be back to my old self in time, sharing my art (and even creating some! lol) and that kind of stuff again soon.  I just have to get myself used to my new schedule and let my body adapt to all the energy needs I’m putting it through.

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

Monday, April 6, 2009

Winner #6

It’s late and I’m exhausted so this is going to be very short and sweet!

Todays winner, via our trusty Random Number chooser is:

4-6And comment no. 3 belongs to…my wonderful friend, ROBIN!!!  Woot! 

Bits-n-Pieces said...

Happy 100th!!
This is a wonderful idea! I'm all about some giveaway, especially when it includes the beautiful things you do!! :) You have my info!
And March is also special cuz it's MY bday! LOL

March 15, 2009 8:06 AM  

YAY, Rob…I can’t wait to get you something out in the mail.  Gimme a few days to do some more of my giveaways and I will get it out to you.

I did want to let y’all know that I’m running behind on my mailing (they’re packaged but getting to the Post Office is taking me some time) so y’all bear with me.  I’m getting there.

Before I hit the hay, here’s a question for all of you, my fabulous faithful readers…since I am working full time now, would an online “Art Journaling Workshop” be something you’d consider taking?  How many weeks/lessons would be good?  Price ideas?

I still really want to do this but I don’t know if time will allow me to do a large, in person workshop but I can do my handouts, videos and a website so that was my first thought.  I just wonder what y’all think?

So, do tell….

I love you guys!

Peace & Love,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Silly Mistake & TWO Winners

Something I’ve noticed…it seems strange (not really but you know what I mean) to me that hardly anyone is commenting on my blog since I’ve began my giveaways.  Hmmmm….what’s up with that?

I dunno, just thinking out loud because it has me wondering.

Anyway, my silly mistake (and why I didn’t post a winner for Day 4:  I guess I was more tired than I realized.  The hubby had to work yesterday, I was off and, in my tired state, I accidentally took my morning meds twice.  I have gotten to the point I can handle my meds without getting too tired but a double dose?  OMG, when I realized what I had done I was already getting dizzy and sleepy. 

Geez!  What a big ol’ dummy I can be sometimes.

Needless to say, I called the hubby who came home to take care of me and called the doc who told me what to expect and when to go to the ER if need be. See, big.ol’.dummy!!! 

THAT would be why I didn’t post a winner yesterday…I was in a coma for hours (but the hubs woke me up periodically and he says I was a raving lunatic when he’d finally get me roused) and when I did finally wake from that long slumber, I was a total idiot who had no business posting anything to the internet. LOL

But, to catch up, lets get down to business and do TWO drawings today….

4-4That means that Shelly, aka BlueRidgeLady, is Saturday’s winner! YAY Shelly!!! 

BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Barb! Congratulations on your 100th post! I would love to be included! How special to get something you made! I will send email info.
I know what you mean about meds and moods.. Medicine is expensive even with insurance and a copay!! Then half the time we need a medicine that doesnt come in a generic! I'm glad we all have each other for friendship and support :D

March 15, 2009 7:08 PM

And here is todays randomly chosen winner:

4-5YAY for Renee of Funky and Folky Sculptures!! (I don’t care that she said she didn’t want to put added pressure on me…giving is the best way of getting pleasure and peace, so she’s stuck as a winner! LOL) 

Ragtree said...

Barb, I know that giving ALWAYS makes me feel better. It is easy to forget how lucky we are so it is important to focus on gratitude.
I would love to participate in your giveaway but I don't want to put added pressure on you! Visiting your blogs and being inspired by your posts is enough :)

Now, I just need to get all my packages addressed and ready to mail so I can get these first five in the mail tomorrow.  And art, I want to do some art today…and watch my DVRed shows…and laundry….oh, so much to do, so little time.  I also have some finished journal pages and an art piece I’ve been working on that I want to post today.  Hopefully I can get to it later today, if not then I’ll post them tomorrow.

I hope your Sunday is a fabulous one!

Peace & Love,

Friday, April 3, 2009

TGIF & Winner #3!

I know I haven’t worked a full week this week but it has been a while since I’ve been a working girl and I gotta tell y’all, I am one tired chickie this evening.  My feet ache and I am just tired all over but hey, I am NOT complaining in the least…it is very much a good kind of tired.

I have really surprised myself (sorta but not really, if you know what I mean)…by being positive and feeling certain that I AM on the right track with my attitude and health and just everything, I didn’t have one single panic attack or even a hint of anxiety at all this week.  If you know me at all, this is monumental.  But I knew I wouldn’t…and even if I had, I knew I could handle it and would be fine.

So much is going well, as it should.  Big blood draw on Monday to see about my liver function (which is going to be GREAT, I just feel it) and check my diabetes (well under control, I am positive), etc. and a doctors appointment on Friday to discuss the results, all good I am certain.

Robin asked what my job entails.  I am the District Merchandiser for O’Reilly Auto Parts, District 111, Region 18.  Ha!  Yea, that’s the official title….what I do is go to each store in our district and do their general merchandising which means: make sure product is on the sales floor and not sitting in the stockroom, do pre-inventory preparation, monthly counts, make sure that each stockroom is in good order, and take part in every district inventory.  Since there are nine stores in our district, by the time I’ve done all nine, it will be time to head back to the first one and start over again.

I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with the public as a Paramedic for 10 year and then as a Paralegal for 12 years, so this is ideal for me because I don’t have to deal with the public at all.  I just go in and can seclude myself in my stock and all that I need to do, no dealing with the public at all.  I’m even wanting an iPod so I can listen to music or books as I work.  How cool is that?  WOOT!

Anyway, I am exhausted and really want to dive into my art journal for a while before my eyes can no longer stay open sooooooo, here’s today’s pick….


Comment #20 was from Mary (aka Shopgirl):

Shopgirl said...

100....I thought you were much younger...TEE-HEE! It will be fun!
I am sick tonight, head cold and all that junk~
I am off to bed. Your Mary

March 18, 2009 10:28 PM

YAY, Mary!!!  Congratulations!  A goodie will be on it’s way to you very soon.

So, there you have it, everyone…another winner in my 29 Days of Giving.  I am going to try to get out my first five winners packages on Monday and do a mailing of my giveaways at least twice a week…just wanted everyone to know.

Now, time for me to journal a while and fall into a deep slumber.  Maybe I will even manage to scan some of my art journaling and other art I’m working on over the weekend.

I hope that each of you has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

Peace & Love,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Quickie & Winner #2

It’s gonna have to be a quickie today, boys and girls…Barb is one tired puppy.


I didn’t realize how much I missed working…but I also didn’t realize how tired I would be at the end of a long day.  After being sick for so long and now WILLING myself to be well, it’s a bit hard on the ol’ body to get back into the grove of working but I’ll get there.  For now, I’m just worn out by the end of the day.  That good kind of tired you get from being productive and just doing those things that make you feel good and contributory.

I went on my lunch hour and mailed the LARGE check to the mortgage company that we have scrimped and saved and pinched to save up and now that monkey named FORE-CLO-SURE is officially off our backs (or will be on Monday or Tuesday when they receive that whopper in the mail.)  That made me feel so good.  We have been huddled here, me sick and in the bed (feeling like a total loser because my illnesses and inability to work were what caused us to fall behind in our mortgage payments) and the hubby working his ass off to try and catch us up as quick as he could, both of us petrified that we would really lose our home.

It was scary.  VERY scary.

But once I came to the conclusion that I could either continue to wallow in the bed and complain about being sick, all while watching us lose what we’ve both worked for and dreamed of go right down the drain…or I could make the conscious decision to just BE better and think positive and do something about all of it..,health-work-finances-home-everything!!!  Ah-the power of positive thinking.

That one decision was the most major factor in everything turning around.  And I do mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!


Okay, enough of that…it’s goodie giveaway time…WOOT!

Once again, using the online Randomizer, today’s winner was chosen from the comments on my 29 Days of Giving entry and it is:

4-2And that means that today’s winner is…Amy, aka MagicalMuse! 

magicalmuse said...

I was just thinking of being grateful the other day because I started lining up all the bad things going on. Instead I focused on just as many good things in my life and realized it's all in your head and if you think it you believe it and become it! I will send an e-mail soon for the generous giveaway.

March 15, 2009 9:29 AM

Congratulations Amy!  A sweet little goodie is coming your way in the next few days.

And don’t forget, y’all…we still have 27 more days of giving! YAY!!!  Lots more names to pull from the hat, so to speak, and lots more goodies to give away.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday evening.  Mine is good but it’s going to be a sad one later, ER has the show finale tonight.  I’ve loved that show since the first episode and I’ve seen every one since then…and tonight it ends. *sniffle*

Well, I think I’ll relax with a glass of wine and my journal for a bit before I make some cheeseburgers for dinner and settle in for my show to come on.

Oh, a little favor to ask of y’all before I forget…see the PaperBackSwap icon in my sidebar?  If you aren’t already a member and you read much, it’s a great deal…and if you signup under me I get credits.  A free way for me to earn books and we all know I’m a book lover and I’m all about free. lol  Anyway, if you think it’s something you’d be interested in, I’d really appreciate you guys hooking a girl up. *tee hee*  Thanks!

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April 1st…We have a Winner!

Hi y’all!  Been a few days since I’ve posted but they’ve been really great days for me.  I’ve done art, enjoyed the sunshine (and the rain), accomplished some GREAT things for our family (the biggie being saving our house from foreclosure…yes, really! YAY!) and put in my first day at work today (and I really enjoyed it…even the drive!)

WOOT!!! Go me!

And now look…it’s April 1st…the first day of my 29 Days of Giving!  WOW, life is just amazing. Having a new outlook on things and just allowing myself to feel good and accept all the great stuff coming my way…you just have no idea how much it has changed how I feel, physically AND emotionally.

Anyway, first my latest bit of art.  Yes, you have to endure this part to get to the goodies…it’s the price ya gotta pay…lol!Live Well

I’ve also done lots of background pages in my journal, put together a little mini art journal kit to take to work with me so that I can art journal on my lunches…and I started on the project that uses the egg shells but y’all will have to be patient with me on that one, it’s going a little slower than I’d like but I’m getting there.

Now…for today’s giveaway….

I decided that for it to be totally random, I would use the online random number generator each day to choose a comment from all those on my entry about my 29 Days of Giving….

4-1 That makes today’s winner Sara!

sara said...

Woah...what fun! I'd love to jump in. :)
(Thank you for commenting on my blog - it gave me a good start!)
Here's to the next 100!

March 20, 2009 12:49 PM

YAY Sara!!!  You’ll have a goodie coming your way in a few days.  Congratulations!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see who is picked as our 2nd winner.

Happy April 1st everyone.

Peace & Love,

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