Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Art Journaling Video & Elton John

Hey there, y’all. How’s everybody doing? Great I hope.

Lots to share with ya so let’s get to it…

I hope the title didn’t give you guys the idea that I had actually gotten off my big old hiney and made a video myself or something. Goodness knows, I have really had my hands full lately so doing a video myself won’t be happening for a bit. But eventually, I swear.

I do want to share this awesome video by Katie Ness where she shares some of her art journaling. I find it amazing, inspiring, and just chock full of goodness so I had to share. Be sure to watch in full screen and don’t be afraid to pause and really take in her journal spreads. Now, please enjoy…

Fabulous, right? I can’t believe I’ve not come across Katie until now but am I ever glad I did. Be sure to check out her website for more of her fantastic works……you’ll be glad you did.

In other news…

I know I’ve been a bit (very?) absent lately, there has just been so much going on with my family, not to mention that I’m really battling SAD (seasonal affective disorder) this year. My mother/sister that lives with us is not doing well at all…I am afraid she has early onset Dementia or possibly the beginnings of Alzheimers, not to mention some health issues that are making it very hard to take care of her by myself. We’ll find out more at her doctor’s appointment on the 16th. Wish us luck and good news.

In the category of good news, my youngest daughter, Shelby, is pregnant!!! FullSizeRenderVery much a wished for baby by all! She will be 14 weeks along on Wednesday so we’re not far from finding out the sex of the little one and then I can start making lots and lots of things for her or him. Eeeek!!! Can you tell I’m one excited Nana? lol

<== A picture taken this week of me and my not-so-little girl who will soon be a Mommy herself. I love this kid and I’m so proud of the woman she has become. I know she will be an unbelievably great mother.

With all of the heavy, hard, and messy things going on in my life, Shelby decided to treat me to something awesome off my bucket list…tickets to see ELTON JOHN in concert! WOW!!! There are just no words to tell you guys how superb of a show Sir Elton put on. I love him even more now than I did before the concert…and I’ve always been a huge Elton fan for as long as I can remember.


I’ve been to many concerts in my life (I love music!) but I can honestly say that seeing Elton was the highlight of my concert going life.

Amazing…just absolutely amazing!

Anyway, I have lots more to tell but I’ll save the rest for later. I hope you are all doing well, making lots of awesome art and crafts, and staying warm.

Much Peace & Love,

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