Thursday, January 15, 2015

Planning & Setting Up Shop

Hi y’all! *waving*

Thought I dropped off the planet, didn’t ya? Nah, I’ve just been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger over here…no offense to any one-armed paper hangers intended. lol

Seriously, between our internet going haywire for a few days (and I just can’t blog from my phone…I’m not that coordinated) and doing lots of research on how to set up my own store, there just hasn’t been time to think. Finally I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been working on getting my new shop set up and it’s finally semi-live…see the link up there in my tabs? Yeah, there’s the portal.

I say semi-live because I only have a few items listed as of right now, just some overstock art supplies so far. Within the next couple of weeks, as I get better acquainted with how to list things, grasp the learning curve, and know better how the entire process works, I will be adding original artwork, hand-screened original t-shirts, and other handmade items and more of my favorite supplies. I’m also going to add an art journaling kit that I’m putting together that has everything you need to sit down and art journal your heart out, and more.

Whew!, this has been tiring but also fun. I like that it’s more of an extension of Craft Therapy instead of having to send customers to Etsy or somewhere else.

Quick favor and I’ll hush about it (for now)…please take a sec and check it out then tell me, honestly, what you think? What kind of items would you like to see me listing that you would purchase? Is there interest in hand carved stamps? Digital collage sheets?

Just some thoughts I’m throwing around and could really use y’all’s input.

*zipping my lips regarding the store, I swear* hee!

In other news…I’m sure y’all know that last year I did the Documented Life Project, right? Well, I decided to go my own way this year and just play it by ear. I wanted to share a little of the planner/journal I’m working with for 2015…

This is what a weekly spread looks like untouched.

018d4a796ca4f4fca9442a744b5936a6c2d83ca3c4This is after I decided to gesso the thin pages.

Then I changed my mind and decided to use some art papers to cover and thicken the pages.

I decided to frame the pages with some washi.

And here is the same week (this week) after adding the days of the week, date numbers and 3 days of journaling.

So that’s what my planner/journal looks like this year…at least for now. I may paint some pages and even leave some plain white and just doodle, journal, etc. on them. Like I said, I’m playing it by ear this year.

This is in addition to my regular art journaling. Just a way to keep up with my days.

Are you doing any kind of planner this year?

Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts and ideas about my little shop, please. Take care and I’ll be back soon!

Peace & Love,


  1. LOVE this spread!! What was your base book?? What about the tabs?? You know I LOVE your work. Like how you've moved more into your own style!! Way to go on the store. Your excess is what brought us together!!

  2. I would buy rubber stamps!

  3. I just placed an order! You may not have much up yet, but the pens you had I had been wanting and looking for! And your shipping was cheap.......I am wondering if it was a typo? Seemed way cheap to me. I am excited about my pens, and will be watching for new things as you put them on there. :)


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