Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finding Your Passion

“The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be.”

The new planner I’m using to document 2015 had that quote as the weekly quote this week. Sometimes things boil down to such very simple ideals that I often overlook them. That is one of them.

I am horrible about saying or thinking things like “As soon as ______ happens, I’ll get ______ done.” Do you do that? I can’t be the only one. Geez, how much of my living have I put off until life becomes perfect? I mean, just yesterday I was in my 20’s with two small children and had so much life in front of me, it was easy to put things off until later.

But now? I will turn *gulp* 50 this year which means that 30 years of my life has flown by and I still find myself putting things off until my life situation improves.What is up with that? Anyone know how to break this crazy mindset?


Ok. Enough of that drivel…just what is on my mind.

Let’s talk art journaling/planner stuff for a minute. I think it was Trece who asked what planner I am using to document my year; it came from either Wal-Mart or Target (Wally World, I’m pretty sure) and it’s made by a company called MintGreen. Cheapo at less than $10 but I like it because it gives me bigger sections for each day.

I showed y’all the process of prepping a week and, after daily journaling/documenting, this picture shows just how last week finished out:01bcaa812f67f2e61da889097b331b9f9ef2ef709c

Here is where this week is starting from, fully prepped with paint, etc.: 012090b76f4d8209f7163cb57dc1f2e01f834833a7

I like documenting my days and have actually used my planner from last year to look up events or something and having that to turn back to has been cool. 01a989b92e4ce608d707eaa823276e8a86a60c5135But that doesn’t mean that I’m not playing in my regular art journal, oh no…that baby is still getting plenty of play on the pages.

I was playing around with color and layering on this page…and I’ve found, at least for me, if I can just get my brain out of the mix and just enjoy playing, I like how things turn out so much more.

When I wonder what my real passion in life is (and yes, I am still finding myself at almost 50), I realize that my passion is that which I do between the covers of my art journals.


Pushing paint around with my brush (or with my fingers,) doodling, stamping, journaling, lettering, gluing, etc. are where my heart feels full and my soul feels at home. I love my art journals and they are truly my passion. It’s taken me a few years to figure this out because, once again, sometimes I don’t see those simple answers right in front of me.

Have you found your passion?

Peace & Love,


  1. Love the planner! I do something similar on alternating months to avoid the "daily pressure."

    I'm struggling to admit my passion because I have all of these ideas about what it "should" be. I guess it's time to own up to who I am, not who I think I "should" be...

  2. awesome pages! thanks for sharing them!!


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