Sunday, January 4, 2015

Art Experiments

Life has been so full and crowded with things to do for the holidays and generally for everyone else that yesterday (Saturday) was the first time I’ve really had time to sit and just play in what feels like forever. I realized while cleaning up my HUGE mess that I haven’t even told you guys what I got for Christmas. *duh!*

As much as I love carving my own stamps,Stampmaker Kit there are some aspects of detail that my carving will never be able to capture. With that in mind, I have been lusting after the Teresa Collins Stampmaker Kit and, for Christmas, I got it.

Everything I read explained the process as being fairly simple and, in the end, providing lots of detail…just like the red rubber mounted stamps and clear acrylic stamps we all buy. I wanted that!

So, yesterday I finally got to play with my new machine. Definitely an experiment, that’s for sure.

When I opened the box, one of the photopolymer bags (the pinkish-red packets above) had busted and sent super sticky pink stuff all inside the little bag they were contained it. That meant that every one of the packets, the main thing used to make your stamps, is covered in this icky stuff. Talk about making this whole process a pain in the butt!

I finally got the packets semi-cleaned off (I don’t think there is any way to get them totally clean) and started the process. Of course I read the directions AND I watched the included DVD so I’d know what I was doing.

After following the instructions down to every minute detail, my first stamp was a total failure. GRRR!!! However, my 2nd try at making a stamp was a semi-success. I say semi-success because it was fully formed but some aspects of the stamp were raised more than others, meaning those lower parts don’t print when stamping.


This whole process to mess up one stamp (not my fault, I swear!) and to make a semi-successful stamp, plus clean up, took me over 2 hours! I admit it…this kit had me beat yesterday.

But I’m hard headed and I will NOT let it conquer me completely. Has anyone else tried the Teresa Collins Stampmaker? Did you ever find any success with it? If you have any tips or tricks, do share, please.I will try again later this week, when I have more patience, and I’ll let y’all know how it works out then.

By the way, I’d show you the semi-successful stamp but it got lost in the midst of my cleaning my mess up. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere but since it’s not really useful, I’m not killing myself to find it.

Otherwise, I think I’ll just play in my art journals with my paint and pens for now…I know how those things work.

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  1. I do have one (two actually ... long story). I don't play often and at first I thought I was not doing something right. My first stamp was a very detailed one ... lots of swirls, but I couldn't see that anything was raised, so I thought it was a bust. Someone online said, try it. And I did and it worked ... with a lot of detail, the raised parts are impossible to feel, but it will stamp. So I learned to always try my stamp before saying, it doesn't work. That is my one tip, lol. If I think of any thing else I will let you know ... but it has been a long time since I used it to be honest. There is a yahoo group based on it too. Not very active but I found a lot of tips on it.

  2. Oh, I do remember that if you print your own designs, use a true black ink printer that is dark. There is a really cheap one (at Walmart) that everyone says is the best to use, but I don't have it. But that is in the tip section too.

  3. Barb, I have one and have used it once. I made one of the included stamps and it turned out great. Haven't tried it again. BUT, I read somewhere to put it in the light wrong side up for 2-3 seconds, then turn the correct way to finish. Also, sounds like you didn't squeeze around on the red packet enough to get the gel as level as possible.


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