Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peace/Flower - Day 9 of #CarveDecember

I managed to get my stamp carving done early this morning and even IMG_0053managed to get them posted to Instagram and Twitter but putting up the Christmas tree, which looks pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself, and cleaning the house a little pushed my blog posting until now. Sorry about that.

Better late than never, though, right?

IMG_0050And look at this precious little elf that helped me put the tree up and decorate…

This is my grandboy, Noah, for those of you that didn’t know. He is my heart. I adore this kid so much. He’s lived with us for the past 13 months and it’s been a rollercoaster ride, for sure…but I wouldn’t trade him for all the money in the world. Most days. LOL


I’m still slowly working on my stamp “masterpiece” carving here and there (I am shooting for New Years Eve) but IMG_0049for today I went with two of my favorite things in the world…Peace and flowers. I really do believe I was meant to be a flower child but I was born about 10 years too late to be a true “Flower Child.”

I never realized just how much daily practice carving these stamps would improve my skills…not that I’m some expert by any stretch of the imagination but I can tell that I’m getting better, bit by bit.

I suppose the same is true for any of our artsy endeavors. When I art journal daily, I know that I feel better emotionally and artfully, not to mention that my art journal pages are better, too.

In fact, I’m thinking that January may have to be an #ArtJournalJanuary for me. One page a day, each of the 31 days of January. Just a little something to help my art journaling practice and skills. No pressure but I would love to have any and all of you join me. But hey, we’ll talk more about it when it gets closer to January.

For now, it’s all about stamp carving for me. I hope you’re joining in and carving your little hearts out this month. Let me know where I can check out your awesome stamps! I’d love to see them.

Y’all have a good night. See you tomorrow.

Peace & Love,


  1. What is your instagram name? I want to follow you.

  2. Patsy, you can find me on instagram as: barbmccormacksmith (I hate that it's so long but I've already been there so long that I hate to change accounts now. lol) Thanks for asking. What's your instagram name?

  3. my instagram name is preidenbach. I enjoy your blog! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope to try and make a stamp in the new year, once I am done with all the knitted hats I am making for gifting!


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