Sunday, December 14, 2014

Numbers & Hamsa–Days 13 & 14 of #CarveDecember

**NOTE: I wrote the first half of this post yesterday and, being the airhead that I can be lately, I thought I posted it but obviously, I didn’t. So I thought I’d just combine Days 13 & 14 into one post.

Day 13: I’ve thought about carving an entire alphabet before but I admit that the idea really intimidated me. Today I thought I’d inch closer to that eventual goal by starting with a set of numbers.

IMG_0061Crazy enough, these turned out to be much easier than I expected…until I decided to throw in a little punctuation to use the bits I had left after carving my numbers. The exclamation point is fine, the question mark is, forgive me, questionable…and that damn ampersand is HIDEOUS!! lol

Oh well, it happens! Who cares, right?!?

I do think I’m going to try to do the whole alphabet thing a little later in the month, after I improve a little more. I mean, practice does make perfect…er, well, practice makes improvement. Yeah, I’ll go with that one.

Day 14: I spend wayyyyyy too much time on the internet. This is no secret to anyone that knows me and I am trying to work on this addiction of mine.

IMG_0063Anyway, in my internet travels I come across things that I just fall in love with…today’s carving is based on a photo I came across on the net.

The Hamsa (also known as Hand of Fatima) is all over the place on the internet these days but, for clarity, it isn’t something that is a religious symbol for me personally. I just love the idea behind it (Hamsa is an icon used by man as a defense, in his struggle against the forces of evil or the evil eye.) Wouldn’t that be cool…that just wearing this beautiful symbol would protect the wearer?

Anyway, just letting you guys know from where today’s stamp idea came.

In other news, weekends are something around my house right now. My husband is between jobs (yeah, right at Christmas! Eek!!) and I haven’t even started any Christmas baking…this week I will, though, I swear! lol

Hope your weekend is going great.

Peace & Love,

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  1. Elope these, Barb...even the ampersand with its quirky personality! Especially love the circles on the fingertips. Nice stamp!


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