Thursday, January 1, 2015

Getting Off on the Right Foot


It’s amazing how quickly taking a couple of days off from blogging snowballs into more than a week without my realizing it. Like practically everyone else, we had our Christmas holiday and had family come to town to celebrate with us. You know what that entails, cooking and cleaning and visiting and *BAM*, eight days have passed.

Sorry about that but hey, as I just said the other day, life is meant to be lived, right? I’ve just been busy living, that’s all. lol

Anyway, I didn’t manage to carve any stamps while all the holiday hoopla was going on so nothing to show on that front, either. What I did manage to do was to think…and plan.

I know that a lot of you have set New Year’s Resolutions and others may have chosen a word for this new year…some of you may do both. I have done both in the past.

Not this year.

Well, not exactly.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. Every year that I’ve made resolutions, I feel lucky if I make it two weeks into January before those promises I made myself start slipping away. By week three or so, I am inwardly calling myself a failure and berating myself daily. By sometime in February, those resolutions are all but forgotten.

I just can’t do that to myself this year.

As for picking a word, I’m not sure I’d want to limit myself and my focus to just one word. There are so many things that are important to me that I can’t choose just one word to focus on…so I’m not.

What I’ve decided to do is this: I want to be a better person.


My focus for the coming year is to just become a better person, in every way. If I have a moments hesitation in making a choice or decision, I want to try to make the choice that would benefit myself and others best. For example, deciding to cook or order pizza? Cook, it’s more nutritious and less expensive…better for all of us. If I catch myself being in a bad mood and snipping at those around me, I want to CHOOSE to be kind (to myself as well as others) and check my attitude.See what I mean?

Maybe that sounds kind of silly but it’s ringing very true to my ears. I just want to make steps to be better. I don’t think I can go wrong with this better, kinder way of thinking and being.

My other goal is to begin earning some regular income. You all know how badly my husband’s job situation has hurt us and I just don’t want to ever be in this predicament again.

I have a couple of ideas on the income front:

  • I’m working on setting up a shop here on Craft Therapy to start shopping cartoffering some art journaling kits I am putting together, some of my favorite art supplies, a few of my own handmade art, as well as handmade journals. It’s what I love so I want to try and turn it into a means of support.


  • I am going to buckle down and start producing some online art journaling classes. I know the market is absolutely FLOODED with online classes right now but I do believe I have something unique to offer.


  • I am also starting the Florida real estatereal estate course so that I can see what that area has to offer me. I’ve always wanted to try real estate and it’s something I can work around my health and schedule. A friend has a brokerage and has already offered me a “job” when I get licensed…she knows my situation (health, etc.) and is willing to be my angel so we can both make some money with it. Who knows what will happen but it’s definitely worth a try.

In other news, I’ve finished up my Documented Life Project for 2014 and have decided NOT to play along with it this year. I did enjoy much of the project last year, I also felt like it became very competitive and commercial…plus, I just wasn’t excited about many of the weekly prompts. Just my feelings, of course. So, I’m just going to do my own thing in my planner/journal and see how that goes.

What about you? DLP or some other planner project? Doing your own thing? Whatever you do, let me know about it. I’d love to share ideas.

I hope that your New Year is a great one and that you’ve got lots to look forward to this year. I am going to be around here much more in 2015 than I was last year and I hope you will be, too.

Peace & Love,

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  1. I would love to buy some of your stamps!


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