Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 1 of #CarveDecember

Hi y’all.

I know, I know…pick your jaws up off the floor…I told you guys that I would be posting daily to show my #CarveDecember stamps. Didn’t believe me, did you? And 3 new blog posts in 3 days? Serious wow factor, huh?

Well, get used to seeing more of me around these parts…I’m feeling my need to share and blog coming back with a force. YAY!

Anyway, daily posts for #CarveDecember will mostly be short and sweet, just to document my stamps and share them with y’all.

Here’s todays stamps by yours truly:


A little egg and a small leaf. Nothing big today…I’m just getting my stamp carving skills warmed back up after a pretty long haitus.

I hope that you’re taking part and honing up on your stamp carving skills with the rest of us. Let me know if you are in a comment so I can check out your rubber stamp goodness.

I think I’ll be trying something a little more complex tomorrow. Maybe.

Back soon!

Peace & Love,


  1. They look great! Thanks for sharing. You're inspiring me! What is the material you carved in... linoleum?

  2. Thanks so much, Lynn and Carol! I had fun with these, for sure. And I am using Speedy-Carve by Speedball. It cuts like butter, easy-peasy. I also use cheap erasers for small stamps. Hope that helps!
    Peace & Love,


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