Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brave–Day 11 of #CarveDecember

I got the sweetest note yesterday about how great my stamp carving is coming along. But sweet thang, you know who you are, don’t say that you can’t do it, too…I promise that you can. And no, you wouldn’t “just mess it all up.” Messing up is part of it…it’s part of any creative endeavor.

Proof (I hope you’re ready to laugh)…today I decided to do another word stamp since that’s something I know I am not very good at and practice makes perfect, right? My word is Brave.

Here’s my first stamp…

IMG_0058I was cruising right along and then, BAM!, I realized that I had carved the whole dang thing backwards!!

OMG! *hanging head in shame*

Not really. Accidents and mistakes are just all part of it….it being life.

So, I inked this backward baby up and stamped it directly onto another piece of Speedy-Carve and went about the business of re-carving in reverse the way I should have carved it to begin with. No harm, no foul.

IMG_0057So here is the finished stamp, done correctly (or, at least as correctly as it gets with me)…

So, you see, nothing and no one is perfect in the least. Most especially not me!

So, sweet blog reader, dig down deep and find your bravest self and just go for it! What do you have to lose? A little bit of rubber and a few minutes out of your day is all.

As with all creativity, it’s about the process and how it makes you feel to do these things. It’s about having fun so go for it!

I had fun with this one…mistake and all.

Peace & Love to all,

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  1. I so much appreciate how you share your oops moments as well as your successes. Sometimes wonderful bloggers seem a bit like craft goddesses(cough cough Julie Balzar) but when you share your mistakes it makes it all seem a whole lot more doable. Can't wait to see more of your stamps!


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