Sunday, November 30, 2014

Best Glue Ever!

I have been searching for years, literally years, for a great glue for paper. One that won’t wrinkle the papers, one that sticks well and long, one that is easy to apply…you know what I mean, the PERFECT glue aka THE MOST AWESOME GLUE EVER.

I’ve tried Mod Podge (always wrinkles the paper, especially magazine cuttings), every glue stick imaginable and some are good (Coccoina, Uhu, even Scotch brand) but none were perfect for me. I like the ease and portability of adhesive runners like Tombow and the like but still not exactly what I’ve been looking for, either. There is always the ever popular Gel Medium but it can cause a wrinkle here and there, depending on the brand and how much of it you apply so you have to be careful.

I am never that careful when creating. Forget that!

But, after all that searching…

By gosh, I think I’ve found it! Well, I’ve made it…and you can, too.

For the longest time I heard rumors around the internet art journaling and mixed media circles I frequent that YES! Paste was a fantastic glue for paper. Problem was, for me, the price! $10.99 + tax for the pint size. I might as well be buying Golden’s gel medium at that price. And who knows if I’d even like it.

Anyway, I was in Michael’s one day a while back and I came across two of the pint size tubs of YES! Paste…on clearance…for a mere $2.99 each! Uh, heck YES!! (Pun intended. lol) But when I got home and opened one up, I was so disappointed. Although the containers were still sealed, the paste was pretty hard and kind of dry-ish. Ugh. Not what I expected…at all.

I tried brushing some onto a piece of paper…I could get it on there but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I had to scrape and basically force it on the page, which tore as I was struggling to get the paste to adhere.

Not good.

Skip forward a couple of months…a light bulb went on over my head…what if I mixed the YES! Paste with some gel medium to thin it down a bit and make it more spreadable? Well, after plenty of trial and error, I came up with the most awesome glue EVER! After looking around the internet, I’ve found that I’m not the first person to come up with this MOST AWESOME GLUE EVER, either.

IMG_0014Here’s my formula:

  • 2 parts YES! Paste blended completely with
  • 1 part acrylic glazing medium (Can you tell that mine is well used and loved? lol)

Simple as that. Seriously. One warning though, it takes a good bit of mixing to get the two ingredients to fully blend…and you need them to blend to a smooth, creamy consistency. You’ll think that there is no way all those lumps will ever come out but, trust me, keep mixing. Eventually you will have a beautiful, smooth, and creamy glue that doesn’t even buckle tissue paper but sticks your papers forever!

IMG_0013Be sure to store your new mixture of THE MOST AWESOME GLUE EVER in an airtight container so it stays nice and creamy.

I keep mine in a small canning jar on my work desk so it’s always handy. **HINT: I also made sure to coat the mouth of the jar and the threads with a little Vaseline so the lid doesn’t stick.

If you make yourself some, let me know what you think. I bet you’ll fall totally and completely in love.

Back Tomorrow with our first day of #CarveDecember!

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  1. Be careful about Yes Paste. It yellows and later turns brown very quickly. I've had close friends tell me that they used it and their work fell apart. It also has a tendency to attract bugs.

    I know gel medium is expensive. I don't buy Golden. I buy Nova Color which is a small L.A. paint company that has been around longer than me. I have nothing to do with them other than I love their products. They don't wholesale so I can get a gallon of gel medium from them for $33 vs Golden which is $90! They also ship. Been using their stuff for years and I love them. Nice people, too.

  2. Thank you for this recipe. I am adhesive challenged and have over 2 dozen different glues in my craft space. I agree gel medium is wonderful but way too expensive. I don't know if the price is any better but I have been using Beacon 3-in-1 glue almost exclusively for cards and art journalling for everything except collaging the background papers. I find that Beacon rolls off your hands and doesn't burn your fingers and your paper stays stuck down! I use it exclusively on my altered cigar boxes for paper, lace, gems, feathers-everything. Hope you don't mind I butted in about a different product but I really love if. Will investigate the Yes soon. Hugs! Cathy

  3. Kelly, thanks for that info on the YES! Paste. I will keep my eyes on what I've used my "concoction" on to check for yellowing and falling apart. Since reading your comment, I've added a tablespoon of PVA to my mixture, hoping that will help with adhesion. We'll see, I suppose.

    Cathy, I feel you on having so many glues. I just hope that I've found my "ultimate" with this mixture...Finally!!! lol

    Peace & Love,


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