Sunday, February 2, 2014

On the Border

Hi y’all! Sorry for my recent excuses, life just got in the way as it sometimes will. I’m not very good at juggling too many things these days but I’m still here.

Now, back to art journaling...

Images are such a huge part of my art journals that I am constantly on the lookout for new ones to add to my stash (hoard?) of images. I am definitely a magazine image kind of girl. But you might not be and that’s okay. (There will be times I cover things that won’t necessarily be of use to everyone...just take what you need.)

I do encourage you to read through these posts anyway. Something within these “not for me” kind of posts might spark something in you that you’d not come across in any other way. So much of art journaling is intuitive so just let go and trust your imagination and intuition to lead you in your art journaling journey.

Test your boundaries, push the limits, step outside of your comfort zone cause that’s where the magic happens.

Today I want to talk to you about borders.

Something I was told years ago that stuck with me is that every piece of art (and your journals ARE art, don’t forget that) should be framed. Frames = borders so think about how you want to “frame” your pages or spreads.

Some ideas for creating frames for your pages are:

  1. clipped images
  2. Washi or masking tape
  3. Doodles or drawings
  4. Papers (scrapbook papers, photocopies of completed art journal pages, dictionary pages, sheet music, copies of photographs, etc)
  5. Color (paints, markers, pastels, graphite, pens, etc)
  6. Stamping
  7. What other ways can you think of to frame your pages and spreads?

Remember this page I shared with you a while back:

See my framing on it? Two combined borders...darker coloring with my paint AND the lines and dots I drew in that serves to also frames the spread.

Frames and borders serve to make your art look for finished and presentable.

Imagine what this would look like without those two framing aspects....unfinished? boring? lifeless? dull? I’d say it would probably be all of those things in some way.

2013-11-17 19.59.55
On the page above, I’ve mixed my borders...washi tape and stamps across the top, collage bits along with magazine images and words around the other three sides. There are no limits to how you can create your borders and frames.

Now you’ve got even more images to work with and more experimenting to try out. Play with all of the different ways of framing your pages...and maybe think up some others I haven’t even thought of, yet.

Slowly your pages are starting to take shape. You’ve gone from the blank page and now you’ve got all sorts of great things going on in your art journal.

Do you think your page needs more layers? more images? more something but you just aren’t quite sure what?

When I'm feeling that way about a particular page or spread, I just keep playing with the different aspects of the page, trying new things. The only thing that says your page is art-filled enough is YOU.

Or many times I move to another page or spread and work on it. I usually have 4-6 separate pages/spreads going at any given time. This way I can skip from page to page to page, doing whatever things are feeling like what I wanted to do at that time. Almost never do I finish a page or spread in one pages kind of grow and evolve over time. However you choose to work in your art journal is right.

Remember, this is play so just keep playing and having fun. Don’t sweat it and just let go!

Oh, and in case you haven’t already, I hope that you will all spread the word about what we’re doing here so even more folks join us. Spread the word, y’all...everyone needs access to art journaling and the how-to of it. I hope that you all agree.


I’m not sure what’s next on the agenda but I do know it won’t be so long this time. I promise.

Back soon with more of a good stuff.

Peace & Love,


  1. I never think about borders, but when I do, I like them. I need to start doing it more often I think, lol. Hey, this may be a way to try out all the zentangles I hoard, lol.

    1. There you go, Melanie...I just finished a page with a very Zentangled/doodled border. So fun!
      peace & love,

  2. So good to have you posting again! Thanks for this nudge to incorporate borders into some pages. I've been playing with borders subconsciously, I guess(I realized that there are borders on pages that I didn't mean to put borders on) but I should try making some intentional borders! Thanks to your posts, I finally actually started my first journal (an old book) instead of just staring at it!

    1. Trula, you made my day saying that you've finally been inspired to start art journaling in stead of just staring at your journal. i LOVE using old books as art journals. I think I did a flip through video of one I made...gotta find that and post it here. Anyway, I hope you've been playing with your Dylusions Inks and having lots of fun!
      peace & love,


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