Saturday, January 4, 2014

Art Journaling Blahs - AJWednesday

Sometimes it happens to even the most experienced and prolific art journalists. I call it the Blahs, some might call it a block or some other name but it all means the same kind of’s when you just can’t find your art journaling mojo.

It happens.

When it happens to me (and it does far more often than I care to admit) here’s one thing I do...

I grab my scissors and a few of the magazines off the stack that is forever growing beside my bed and I have one of my magazine chopping sessions. I usually go through each magazine twice and this is what I look for...

First are the images...any image that catches my attention, whether it is a person, a color scheme, a scene or still life, a drawing or piece of someone else's art, whatever it might be, I chop those babies out first thing. I’m going to alter them anyway so everything is fair game to me. (The images below were all liberated from a recent issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors that I somehow wound up with two copies of.)

Next thing I’m looking for are words and phrases (sorry for the glare)...

that I store in my handy little word/phrase box...

and I look for letters...

that I store in my letter tray (which is really just a plastic bead storage box that I labeled to use for my letters)...

Most of the time just by immersing myself in the simple task of looking for images, words, phrases and letters, I will start to feel my art journaling mojo begin to rise.

What do you do that helps get you past the Blahs?

Back soon with more of the good stuff!

peace & love,

P.S. Jayne, you forgot to email me your address so I can get your art journaling kit out to you. Please drop me a note at ASAP. Thanks!


  1. I am with you! Sometimes I just fall on my face. But I bought a goody for me for Xmas. It is called a Mixed Media Inspiration Deck by Kiala Givehand. It is 52 card with notes written on the back like, "add acrylic paint." Or add 'doodles in color" or "add collage". You get the idea. So I shuffle the deck and take out 5 or 6 cards, and pick them one at a time, turn them over and go to town. I will clock my time on my iphone, like 5 to 10 minutes for each card. It is fun! Definitely gets you out of the rut! Check it out!

  2. Love, love, love the little bin to hold your letters. I'm going to get one of those today! Thank you!!

  3. I, too, sort... I sort through my papers (I am afraid I am hoarder, sigh) and when I find thigns I had forgotten at the bottom of the pile, I am filled with creative glee :-)

  4. So excited to find you and your blog! Thank you for making it possible to keep up with your posts by receiving an email each time you post - can't wait!! I love all the tips, enjoy your week.

  5. Excellent post! I love to see how other people's creative process works! Thanks!
    PS- also love your new profile pic!

  6. Wow! Just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I have been saving a stack of magazines and had no idea how to begin getting out of them what I might want/need for art journaling. Thanks for the inspiration how to get started! I love your blog!!! Thank you.

  7. I do the same thing when stressed. Throw in a good movie, grab magazines and scissors and cut. There's something about the sound of scissors through paper that is soothing.


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