Friday, December 6, 2013

Our December To-Do List

So many of us get caught up in the buy-buy-buy of the holiday season which, in turn, makes our kids cry want-want-want even more than usual. Since my girls are grown, I thought my days of that were over...but a few weeks ago my husband and I began raising another kid, our 9 year old grandson, Noah. My daughter, a single mom, is going through some “stuff” and Noah needed more stability and a better environment than she could provide right he lives with us now.

I’ve never seen a kid so kind at heart and so appreciative of every little thing we do for him. When I told him that he would get an allowance every week for keeping up with chores we gave him, know what he said? Can you just send it to my mom, Nana...she needs it more than I do.

Talk about breaking my heart. (The beautiful heart over there <- is a tiny art quilt made by Erin Partridge.)

But that is all besides the point I was trying to get to here...

I have been out of the kid business for a while so I’m having to try and remember parenting things (instead of grandparenting cause I can’t spoil him when he’s with us every day) but he’s making it easy. (Plus, at my age, I am a whole lot more patient than I was in my 20’s, for sure.) He doesn’t have many toys since coming to live with us, so I’ve been trying hard to decide which ones he would most like for Christmas.

Every boy needs a bicycle, that is just a fact, so I was ecstatic to have caught an hourly deal on Black Friday for this Huffy boys 20” BMX bike at less than half the regular price...with free shipping.

Woot, go me!

I’m also thinking some Legos, a Nerf gun and maybe some Hot Wheels cars and a track. That should be good, right?

But, in addition to the presents and the general material stuff, I want him to see the non-commercial side of the Holidays, too. So, I’ve made a December to-do List:

  • We’re going to have a cookie day this Saturday. I’m going to mix up some sugar cookies the Friday night before and then Saturday we can just slice, bake and decorate them together. He loves being creative like his Nana.
  • The zoo has their Christmas lights up and I think an outing to see them as a family would be so much fun. Living in Florida, we won’t even have to bundle up to do it, either.
  • I also want us to go out driving and looking at holiday lights and decorations one night. I remember those trips from when I was a kid and those are some sweet memories I’d like Noah to have, too.
  • I have vowed to not buy any commercially made wrapping paper, bows or gift tags this year. We’re going to make our own out of brown craft paper and newsprint paper (your local paper will usually sell ends of rolls for a little bit of nothing), potato and carved stamps and paint/ink. We can cut gift tags from file folders or cereal boxes to recycle, too.
  • Definitely must have Christmas movie night...pajamas, blankets, popcorn, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Elf, and Bad(der) Santa (I can’t help it, I love that movie). Lots of family time and loads of holiday fun.
  • I IMG_1273wouldn’t be living up to my blog IMG_1274name if we don’t get crafty and  make at least a few handmade Holiday decorations. I think I’ll show him how to make twig trees and wreaths. (Maybe I can make that into a crafty how-to here on Craft Therapy, too.)

So, those are just a few things I really want to do with the hubby and grandboy during this holiday month.  I think it’s important to show him the importance of being together and enjoying family.

We might not have much but I am always thankful and know that we are so fortunate to have each other. I am also thankful for you...and you....and you, too. Thank you for coming here and giving me an audience to share my passions and ideas with and for providing me with kind comments and feedback. It means more than you know.

I hope your holiday season, whatever or however you celebrate, is looking to be a wonderful one. I

Back soon with, say it with me, more of the good stuff.

peace & love,


  1. The story your sweet grandson's concern for his Mom touched my heart. I'm sure this will be a special holiday for you all. A bike is a fabulous choice.

  2. Even though he has been through some, "stuff" he will win the battle and come out a Super Star, just being with your stable household for a while!!

  3. Dear, dear friend - you sound so MUCH happier than you've been. The tone in this post just held so much JOY! I am so glad for you, it's been a long time coming. I am also loving the "how-to" section of things. You are one mega f*ckton of awesome!!


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