Monday, December 23, 2013

Lamp Makeover

Hi y’all.

Barb, the fever girl, here.

Yeah, still running a temperature but I think I’m on the mend. I hope.

I just wanted to stop in and show y’all the progress of my lamp makeover. You might remember these ugly ducklings that look like your great granny might have had them in her parlor...

Yeah, not exactly my style, to say the least.

This is what one of them looks like now:


I know, not the greatest photo but I took it last night and it was dark and I was just excited. I will share a better photo in the next few days but you get the general idea, right?

Well, I need a little help...the scalloped edging at the bottom of the wire lampshade frame has me a little perplexed. I started doing some simple knots with the same fabrics I used to make the shade (you can see two at the bottom of the shade up there) but I don’t think I like them.

I was also thinking of making some feux (ie fake) crystal dangly things to hang from each of the scallops. I’m just not sure. I do know that it doesn’t feel finished, yet.

Any ideas?

In case I don’t get back around before Wednesday (btw, AJWednesday will be pushed back a few days because of the holiday), I wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, whatever your holiday may be.

peace & love,


  1. Not sure how to handle the scallops but I really love these! I've been on a "granny chic" craze lately... Check out Dottie Angle and/or granny chic on Pinterest
    For some inspiration.... Happy Holidays

  2. First I would wrap fabric strips around the scalloped parts, (in a barbershop pole sort of way). Next I would continue with the fabric strips as you've done from the top down. Once you get the the peak of the scallop which lines up with the vertical dividers, begin to add shorter strips till the last strip just touches the wrapped scallop edge. With that, no trinkets, baubles, or beads need to be added. Your fabric strips become the center of focus rather than the dangles. Very very striking lamp! Nice work! Have a merry one!

  3. I kinda like it just the way it is actually.

  4. Merry Christmas. Sorry you are under the weather. We all got the flu right before Christmas too. I love the lamp re-do! My thought would have been to wrap strands of beads around the scallops or paint them an outrageous color....I do love paint! Blessings


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