Monday, December 2, 2013

AJ Wednesdays–Background Inspiration

Happy Monday, y’all. I happily did not leave the house all day on Black Friday or Saturday, either. No shopping amidst the HUGE crowds of shoppers fighting to be first in line for this TV or that game system. Nope...kept my butt in bed until 9am both days.

Then I did most of my shopping online.

Funny thing is, I got practically the same deals I would have gotten had I fought the crowds. Gap had everything 50% online and in stores, Levi’s had 40% off everything, Amazon is where I got a couple of really great deals and I only have a few more things to get and my shopping will be done.


DFUBut anyway, the reason I wanted to touch base with y’all today is that I realized that when I gave you my ways of tackling the blank page, that is all you way. There hundreds or maybe thousands of other ways out there and I really thought you should know more of I thought I would share some background inspiration.

Some of these are videos and others are just photos and/or tutorials but they are all definitely worth checking out:

These are just a few ideas from some places around the ‘net to give you ideas on how YOU can get rid of the blank pages and begin your art journaling journey.

But I don’t feel like I have given you an inclusive look at backgrounds if I fail to mention that you do not have to add paint or ink or papers to your backgrounds...there is nothing wrong with starting from white. I don’t do a whole lot of white pages but for some things that I journal about, white seems more fitting to the subject.

In this short video, Teesha Moore shows and describes a white background art journal she did...

Also, please don’t limit yourself to just the ideas you see here or anywhere else. If you come up with an idea, try it...that’s what creativity is all about, trying new things, coming up with new ideas.

Have you tried something in your art journal that turned out great? Tell us about it! Tried something that didn’t turn out so great? Tell us about those things, too.

But above all else, just keep trying things! Over and over, try things, new things, a new way to do an old thing, crazy things, calm things...any things!

Back soon with more of the good stuff.

peace & love,

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  1. Hi, the link to 10 Art Journal Background Ideas (no pics but great ideas) – Charissa Nicole seems to be broken.


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