Friday, November 8, 2013

Thrift Score, on Friday

I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on my last post. I feel fortunate to have had that amazing blast of clarity.

Thank you, again, Tammy.

The tremendous amount of excitement I was feeling that day was something I haven’t felt in a super long time and, surprisingly, I remain excited. In fact, I have spent the better part of this week planning and brainstorming and getting my ducks in a row. First on my list is that I am going be a better blogger.

That starts now.

Although it is Friday, I am introducing a segment on Thursdays called Thrift Score Thursdays, Just a little sharing of the goodies I have scored on my thrift store and garage sale shopping trips over the past week.

This weeks great finds are from an often overlooked section of many thrift stores... the books. I’ve had people tell me that they seldom check out the books when thrift store shopping. *wide eyed stare* Do what? You can actually walk past books? Really? lol

Seriously though, if you are a reader like I am, don’t overlook the book area. There are often treasures just waiting to be found, like these:TT Books1All three of these are titles I would probably have paid regular (Amazon) price for, but did I? Nope. Grabbed all three for just a dollar each. Talk about a steal!

But wait, that’s not all. I also managed to snag a couple of audiobooks on CD, too.
TT Books2
I am a huge Carole King fan so finding this gem was great and Room is a bestseller I have almost bought at Books-a-Million twice in the past. They were both brand new, still wrapped in cellophane. See the $19.98 sticker...not what I paid! Got these for a mere $2.00 each.

Woo Hoo!!!, I do love a bargain! *grin*

Total spent on these goodies: $7.00.
Total combined retail value of them: $100.00
My awesome savings? A cool $93.00.

Can you say KA-CHING?!?!

So see, if you are passing over the book section of your thrift store haunts, you might want to check out that area next time. Who knows what steals you might come across.

If you have found some awesome goodies on your thrifting, garage sale, estate sale outings, leave a link in the comments. I’d love to see what you’re finding.

I have so much more to share with you guys, such as:

  • some super cute ideas for gifts to make (most are on the cheap, too) that aren’t lame like so many DIY ideas can be;
  • a few southern dishes for your Thanksgiving table that will make you adored by your family and guests:
  • a great DIY for some Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter decorations for the mantle (or anywhere in the house, really) that everyone will love;
  • plenty of art journaling goodness will be thrown in regularly;
  • All of this and much more is coming in the days and weeks ahead.  

I hope you’ll come back soon and see what Craft Therapy has to offer...I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

See y’all tomorrow for that old favorite that I am bringing back, Supply Saturday! This week I will be reviewing Dylusions Spray Inks. Hope to see you then.

Peace &  Love,

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  1. Hey Hey, my friend! Glad to see you out & about again! I just got back from a couple of thrift stores. I go every weekend. The book section is my first stop always! If you haven't been to my blog in a while, go see the totally cool wood rack I found that craft paint bottles fit perfectly in and I got it for 99 cents!!! Welcome back!


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