Saturday, November 9, 2013

Supply Saturday–Dylusions Spray Inks

It’s that time again, boys and girls…time for Supply Saturday! This week’s supply that I’m rating is one of my favorite supplies of late so let’s get this party started…

Dylusions Spray Inks – These inks are made by Ranger under the Dyan Reaveley brand called Dylusions. (Other products from the Dylusions line are coming in future Supply Saturday posts.) Dylusions-Set

I first bought these because of my love of color! I often use bright, beautiful, rich color in my journals and art work and finding a product that has rich, jeweled tones doesn’t happen very often. So often you’ll buy a supply that looks great in the store, only to get it home and it looks dull and lifeless in your projects.

You will NOT find this happening to you with Dylusions Spray Inks! The color these water-based inks come in is nothing short of amazing...every color bright, clear and beautiful. They are easy to use, clean up easily with water (and a little soap if the ink has set too long,) they layer and blend well, and are just a joy to have in your supply arsenal.

Now for the low points (and there aren’t many of them)...

These are water-based inks so the color will lift from your journal or project anytime the surface is rewetted. I have used workable fixative to solve this problem (unless it’s what I’m shooting for) and that works to give the colors some staying power. They are a little pricey (I paid $4.99 + tax each) but comparable to any similar supply on the market, price-wise. I have also had a problem with the spray nozzles clogging on three different bottles out of my 18 colors so Ranger definitely needs to address that issue.

All in all, I believe Dylusions Spray Inks are a great little supply to have in your stockpile.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Dylusions Spray Inks a solid 8.

That does it for this weeks installment of Supply Saturday. If there are supplies you would like to see reviewed on a future Supply Saturday, drop me a comment or an email and I will do my best.

Peace & Love,

**Disclaimer: Take my ratings as you will, these are my opinions only and none of the supplies I rate here have been provided by the manufacturer but have been bought and paid for with my own hard-earned money.


  1. Hey hey! Anything to do with Dyan Reaveley is the bestest! I took a couple mof classes from her in January of this year! WOW! About your question you left on my blog. Go here: I actually follow it on Facebook. It is a superb publication. Pricey because it comes from the UK, but worth every cent.

  2. Hi thanks for the review. how do you think they compare to the Dr. martin's inks? Would making your own spray inks with Dr. martins be cheaper?

    What fixative are you using?

    many thanks Laura


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