Saturday, November 16, 2013

Supply Saturday – uni Posca Paint Pens

It’s that time again, boys and girls…time for Supply Saturday!!! YAY!!! (Does that remind anyone else of Bozo the clown or Saturday morning cartoons from a million years ago? It does me. lol)

Anyway, -this week’s supplies are awesome so let’s get this party started…

This week we have:

  • Uni-posca Paint Pens - Extra Fine Point -I was hearing rumors that Sanford, the makers of Sharpie brand, were discontinuing their water-based paint pens that I absolutely LOVE so I started a search for a decent replacement. That’s when I found these great paint markers on Amazon. Once I had tried them, I realized that there really are other good paint pens out there!

Like the Sharpie paint pens, these contain real acrylic paint in marker form and they are great for so many things but especially for art journaling. They come in all the basic colors and they can be applied over most every single base (even some waxy substrates) which makes them pretty dang awesome, in my opinion.

Like their Sharpie cousins, these are also easy to use, extremely portable and virtually mess free to work with, too. They add beautiful color (or just black or white) to your art and they work great for lettering, outlining or just doodling. I just can’t tout all of the great uses for these awesome pens enough.

The downfall to them would have to be price: I paid $28.00 for a set of 12. Although this price is comparable to the Sharpie Paint pens, these markers are smaller and contain less paint, making them not as good of a buy as the Sharpies, in my opinion.

They are similar in every way to the Sharpie Paint Pens that I love and might even be a bit better at being applied to tougher substrates (waxy or rough spots in your journal pages.)

So, considering everything, I give the uni-Posca Paint Pens a rating of 8...and that is only because of price and size in comparison to Sharpie’s paint pens.

There you have it, folks...this weeks Supply Saturday.  I am really enjoying sharing my supply knowledge with everyone so drop me a note and let me know what supplies you would like to see reviewed on a future Supply Saturday.

Back soon with more of the good stuff.

Peace & Love,


  1. I've been using Uni Poscas for about 30 years, since I was a kid. It's what I use to paint all my work with; paintings, surfboards, motorcycles, guitars. They gave me a great way to earn a living with my art!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if the paint could be matched, so that they could be refilled? I also wonder if they come in other point sizes. . .


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