Monday, November 4, 2013

Small Victories

Reader Beware...this is going to be a long one so grab your favorite drink, maybe some snacks, and kick back in your most comfy spot cause I gots things to share.


I had a HUGE epiphany just now, thanks to Tammy Garcia over at Daisy Yellow (go see her, she is awesome!). She posted the following photo of an art journal page she had completed and you can read these words of wisdom that really blew me away on the left page toward the bottom...

“What if you paid more attention to the small daily victories?” Wait, let me say that again...“What if you paid more attention to the small daily victories?”


I am absolutely taken aback!

This is seriously a huge WOW!

Let me explain:

It is no secret that I have been battling some pretty serious stuff (health, family, etc.) in the past couple of years and while dealing with all the junk, I have found myself overwhelmed, stressed, at a creative standstill for the most part, just absolutely unable to do or accomplish much of anything. I haven’t been able to keep at anything of consequence with regularity in all that time...not even my blog(s).

My mind is running at Mach-Jesus constantly...from the moment my eyes open in the morning until I am so exhausted at night that I just pass out from the tiredness. It’s more like a short coma than real, restorative sleep. Only to start all over again in 3 or 4 or maybe, if I’m lucky, 5 hours.


I thought that I was just burned out on this blog so I started another and when that one didn’t get me excited and enthusiastic and keep my attention, I started yet another blog. Each time hoping that I would find my sanity, my calm, my space by creating new and shiny places online to call my own. I have started three, yes, three new blogs.

It didn’t work.

Scratch didn’t just not work, each one of these has failed miserably which, in turn, made me even more miserable and just feeling like a complete failure.. Yes, there has been lots of self-pity around here for a while and it’s being served up with a large side of self-loathing.

But Tammy’s words...“What if you paid more attention to the small daily victories?”...they are giving me some insight and thought that I have been lacking in all my failed attempts and chronic creative constipation. I’ve been going about this all WRONG!!!

Totally and completely WRONG!!

I am overwhelmed because I see fifty thousand things that I want to do, share, try, make, paint, cook, refinish, blog about and I am just weighed down my the weight of it all. I keep seeing all I’m doing wrong and all I didn’t get to today (which turns into a week, month, year, etc) and it just makes me feel worse and it’s a vicious cycle.

What if I stopped focusing on all that and just paid more attention to the small daily victories? What would happen then? One or two tiny little things that I did right or accomplished or whatever...just a few little things every single day will turn into some decent sized accomplishments in a week...can you imagine what 30 days of celebrating my tiny victories could do for me? For my health? For my blog(s) and for my house and my family and my weight and my dreams and goals and future, and on and on?

Yes, THAT is my epiphany. This is life altering stuff, I tell ya.

My mind is blown!

Tiny steps...just little things every day...I can’t do it all at once but I can do everything I want to do in teeny, tiny increments. Just little victories here and there and *BAM* I will have accomplished something.


This is a whole lot to absorb and think about...but I need a little help. I want to let go of some baggage and the first to go has to be all these damn blogs I have birthed over the last couple of years. How do I decide which ONE to keep? Which one should I make my one blog focus? Craft Therapy...even though I want to do so much more than crafts and I want to share it all? Even though I’ve been basically gone from there for over 2 years? (It does still have quite a few subscribers.) Or do I go another way and choose one of the other start-up blogs I made and make it my focus, blog wise? Or, ditch them all and give myself a brand new start?

I am asking for advice here and could really use some input.

By the way, my first tiny victory...I actually started my Project Life (more of a knock off of Project Life but it’s cheaper) and that is something I’ve had just sitting and staring at me for months. Just two little page layouts so far but that’s how all the good things get started---one little piece at a time.

Thank you, Tammy. I feel like your words have turned on a light for me that has been out for far too long. Wow! I am astonished.

Peace & Love,



  1. I would go back to craft therapy; that's probably where most of us know you from. I am glad you received revelation from Tammy's post.That, in combination with breaking my elephants down into tiny bites, is what has helped me. If I can make 3 goals (and they are small - get dressed, load the dishwasher, make sure that there is something for supper (even PB&J)), then I get my wins, and that gives momentum sometimes to do more. Love you, girl!

  2. Barb, I'm honored. I created these pages as a pep talk to myself, and I'm happy that they sparked something good! We need to make progress every day towards our goals, but we simply cannot do everything. It is impossible. So let's focus on the possible. I've also been tempted to start new blogs with new perspectives but ultimately it is simpler to have just one. I don't think it matters which one. Maybe whichever one you can make into an "all-purpose" space!

  3. I recently found your Craft Therapy blog and just want to tell you that I appreciate all of the instruction, recommendations, suggestions, and just plain "sharing" that you do. I am new to art journaling, but after enjoying your words, I feel that i have a renewed, healthier, and happier outlook toward my art. Thanks so much. Hugs…….


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