Monday, November 18, 2013

Gifts and Books, oh my!

Where does the time go? I feel like it should still be the early part of the year but here we are and it’s fall...almostcash-gift Thanksgiving, even. 

This year has really flown already and, if the past is any indicator, this next month will go by at warp speed. I guess that means I should really start my Christmas shopping now instead of waiting.
I can tell I’m getting cards and cash are starting to look like good presents this year. That is something I would never have even considered just a few years ago but now, well, time changes us and our views on what is important. At least, it has changed me and my ideas on what matters most...and I promise you, it’s not about worrying myself sick and going broke just to give tons of presents.
Wow, I got off a tangent there, didn’t I?
In other news, I looked around me this morning as I sat in my studio and realized that I really need to clear out some of the “stuff” I have accumulated. I have more paper stuffs, art supplies, blank journals, jewelry making supplies, books (OMG, at the books!,) magazines, and bits and bobs of every imaginable type.
I guess I need to put some of my goodies up on my etsy. Yeah, that’s what I should to actually get around to doing it.
Kelly Kilmer has the right idea...for every book she brings in, she gets rid of one. Since I bought 3 new books and 2 new magazines this week, I should ship that many out, right? Sheesh, that’s gonna be very hard on a girl like me that has been a book hoarder my entire life! lol
My new books:

I have to say, I think these are all great books. That doesn’t always happen.
Too many times I’ve come home with an armload of books expecting to find lots of learning and joy between the covers and over half will usually disappoint. Not this time. I’m loving them all.

Back to reading and making stencils (my latest obsession), y’all.
Peace & Love,

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  1. I love "Living Artfully"! I go back to it again and again when I need some inspiration and some focus!


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