Friday, November 15, 2013

Art Journaling

I have an Art Journaling Tumblr that has really been gaining in popularity lately. Amazingly it has over 5,000 followers.
That number totally astounds me!
How did all these people find my little piece of heaven? I actually made the Tumblr back in 2008 as a place just for me to refer back to for over 5 years later and there are tons of folks following. That is just so cool.
One of the best parts is the seeking out art journal pages and spreads to feature over there. I come across some of the most awesome art work there is. Like this one, which is one of my favorites:

It is by Dahlia Co of Makita Studio and I think it is beyond fabulous! Her use of color is so perfect here...just the right amount of pinks and blues, greens and white. Just so perfect I could eat it up!

Then there is this beauty from earlier this month titled, aptly, “Dream.”

The artist’s name is Vibeke and even though her blog is written in Norwegian, with the Google translator it is easy for anyone. to read. I have fallen in love with so much of her work.

In this piece, her composition skills are fantastic. I love her use of white on white (the butterfly) is unique and makes such a lovely piece.

There are so many wonderful, beautiful, perfect art journal pages out there and I love finding them and sharing them with the world through my Tumblr.

One part of having that space that I didn’t count on were the special notes from followers. OMG at how some of these comments make me feel. Each good comment solidifies why I keep adding to the already large collection of visual beauty to my space there.
  • lol my art teacher is showing us your tumblr! It's really epic (: ~xxstilldreamingxx
  • I look at this blog every single day and have done ever since September. I'm doing an Art GCSE and this blog alone got me from a D to an A*!^_^ I love you so much for making this, it's so helpful and you're the best ever.
  • ¡¡Your Tumblr is amazing!!
  • hi just to say I'm in love with your blog! Beautiful pieces,I'm studying textiles at school for gcse and we have an exam coming up,for our coursework (in scrapbooks) I'm studying gardens (flowers,trees,twigs etc) any original ideas for some of my pages to achieve a high grade? Thanks for taking the time to read this:)
I just love knowing that others enjoy what I have put together and it’s even being used by students and teachers as inspiration. There are some amazing artists out there and it is a privilege to be able to present their work in this way.
If you have created pieces in your art journal or have a favorite from another artist that you would like to see shared on Art Journaling the Tumblr, drop me an email or head over there and use the submission link. Heck, leave a note or link in the comments. I’d love to see what you are creating!

And if you are interested in beginning to art journal or expanding your techniques in your art journals, I hope you'll come back each week for Art Journaling Wednesdays! It's going to be a BLAST so tell all your friends!
Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back tomorrow with Supply Saturday!
Peace Out,


  1. Hi, Barbara! If possible, install, please gadget "translator". Google, of course, translates feeble, but better than nothing ..
    And I can not only watch but also to read your blog

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion...I've added the translator on the left sidebar, right under my picture. I hope this helps!
      Peace & Love,

  2. Barbara, you know what you worth checking code in the comments? :-)))
    This complicates comment :

    1. Thanks again for yet another suggestion...I've taken away the code requirement from commenting. Anything I can do to make things easier.
      Peace & Love,


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