Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cold, Cold Beer

I am most definitely NOT a beer drinker. At least not on a regular basis. But since we moved here to Pensacola we have found the mug-of-beer-thumb5000167absolute coldest beer I have ever had the pleasure of putting to my lips in the 30 years that I have been tasting beers. (I’m actually more of a wine girl but actually don’t drink much of anything alcoholic these days. Anyway...) Our local Logan’s Roadhouse really does have the absolute coldest beer anywhere.

I swear that I do have a point in telling y”all this...

Saturday was our 6th Anniversary. We aren’t always big on celebrations or even holidays lately (hard to be celebratory when you’re broke, ya know?) but this anniversary was one we wanted to celebrate. Things have just been so rough for us the past few months. Moving here has been wonderful, we love Pensacola, but it isn’t without its share of problems...mostly financial but also my health, too.

But things have began looking up a bit for us...Richie got word that he was getting a nice little raise and he is in line to become a District Manager (either in the Destin, Florida district or in the Tampa area once a group of stores in that area are bought out by the company.) Add to that my upcoming disability appeal hearing this Friday that I am very hopeful will be successful this time.. *crossing fingers* We have hope again...and it’s been a long time coming.

R and B 6th anniversaryWith our hopeful outlook and some good changes coming down the pike added to our Anniversary, we decided to celebrate. Nothing sounded better than a relaxing night out with some very cold beer, a good meal and just being together.

Our celebratory night out didn’t disappoint. Not at all. And it was something we both needed more than we realized. (Not the best pic but it was rather dark in Logan’s and I took it with my iPhone but you get the idea. Oh, and yeah, those are my new teeth. *grin*)

So that’s what our weekend consisted of...well, that and my poor husband working every single day. I couldn’t be prouder of him...he works so hard and does such an awesome job. Not to mention what great care he takes of me. Y’all have no idea of just how much Richie really does for me, especially since I’ve grown sicker.

I just had to brag on him a little...he’s just the best. How did I get so lucky?

Yesterday I tried to get a little more energetic than usual (I have NO energy these days so everything is a struggle) and did a little cleaning, some laundry (the bane of my existence), and made some no bake cookies. You know, the ones made with butter & sugar & cocoa & peanut butter & oats.

I shouldn’t love those dang things so much but I do and I have been jonesing for them for weeks. Now that I’ve made them and eaten a few too many, I think I need to send the rest to work with Richie tomorrow. If I don’t, I’m afraid I may slip into a diabetic coma soon. lol

Thanks for all your great comments on my latest two videos. It really encourages me to do more of them for y’all. In fact, I think I’ll try and work on a new one for ya today or tomorrow.

Hope things in your lives are going smoothly and life is treating each of you with the greatest of kindnesses.

Peace & Love,


  1. Glad to know you are doing better. You look great with the new pickets!

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