Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Days

Hola, my dear friends.

I’ve sure missed y’all but life has been busy in one way or another continuously for the past week.

I had some really major dental surgery on December 1st and had to have some follow up surgery this week. I really hate the dentist, too. So when I haven’t been completely high on Lortabs or trying to spend time with Richie, I’ve been trying to do some full on creating and art journaling…you can tell by the disaster I call my desk. lol


I have managed to complete two journals and I need to do flip-throughs of both of them…maybe tomorrow or Saturday. I should have plenty of time since I have the next three full days with nothing on tap for me while my hubby is gone to a Managers conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

This will probably make me sound like a 15 y/o girl but he and I seldom spend time apart. In fact other than these yearly conferences and once when I stayed with my sister when she had surgery…we’ve never been apart. Actually, that’s the way we like it. Sappy as it sounds, there is no one I’d rather be around. I realize that I am a very lucky woman.

Isn’t it great when life works out that way?

It’s good to know that so  many of you agree with me on Paula Deen’s products being so blasted high priced. It’s just a shame that someone like her has either forgotten where she came from or, more likely, is having her name plastered on these over-priced items in order to get those crazy high prices.

Either way, I think it sucks.

Okay, I need to sign off for now and curl up next to Richie since 3:30am is going to come mighty early in the morning.

Back soon.

Peace & Love,

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  1. Your art table/desk looks very inviting. I think I will post a pic of mine this weekend and show the world the crazzee place! LOL. Hang in there, Richie will be home safe before you know it. And I am just so glad he has a work conference to go to! Happy weekend!!


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