Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogger is my Nemesis!!

Hopefully this will post…Blogger is not being cooperative, at all.

Unable to post yesterday (Saturday) as promised because Blogger kept giving me error messages and refused to post my “BIG SALE” post.


Since I wasn’t able to post at 5pm Saturday like I had planned, y’all tell me when you would like for me to post my sale. I want to make sure that as many of you that want to be available at that time can be there.

Give me your day & time request and we’ll try this whole GIGANTIC SALE thing all over again…and maybe it will work.

Peace & Love,


  1. YAY!!! It worked! I couldn't even post yesterday to tell y'all I couldn't post the Sale. Ugh! Just glad I'm back and able to get the word out.

  2. Are you having a sale of your awesome work?

  3. Anytime after 5pm pacific. So I guess that would be 8:00pm your time, which might make it too late. Please post when iy is convienent for you though.

  4. Hello Barb!
    I love your blog! It is really great and I like your tutorials!
    Maybe you can help me? I’m creating my own blog and I need help for something!
    I would like to know how did you attach a message to a page?
    I mean, How did you put “Freezer Paper Stenciling” on "Crafty Tutorials" for example ??
    I would like to do the same, to click on a page, have a list and when you click on a line, you can open the message!
    I’ve been looking on Internet for answers but nothing. I hope you can help me!
    Many thanks in advance!


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