Monday, June 6, 2011

You are What You Like

I was thinking this morning, thinking so hard that it damn near hurt.

I came to a realization that I have limited myself in so many things, especially my art, because of what others might think about me. I know that can be a hard admission but it is an admission I NEED to make out loud and not just in my head. I think by doing it that way, I might actually be able to get past it.

I hope you will all bear (or is it bare?) with me while I do a little verbal vomit…

I like sweet little flowers. Really, I do.

I also like pink and yellow and girly colors; I like birds and butterflies and dragonflies and even mermaids; I like quilts and lace, ruffles and frilly things; I don’t like crochet as a general rule but I am growing to like doilies to use in my art sometimes. I even realized that I actually do like to wear dresses (even though I swore after my mother’s funeral that I’d never wear another dress in my life because we are, indeed, entitled to change our minds!)

(Remember this page from back in 2009? Very pink & girliefied. lol)

In juxtaposition, I like rusty bits and old keys and gritty, grungy things; I like voodoo dolls and Jolly Roger flags; I like tattoos and piercings and shaving my head (not because of any reason other than it is cooler and less maintenance than having hair); I like messy, layered  and collaged pieces of art just as much as I like gradient transitions of color that change from one color to another without your ever knowing it; I like overalls covered in paint and going barefoot.

(then there is this page from last year that is much darker and edgy, right?)

I guess I am just a contradiction in terms…I like the grunge and I like the girly. And that is perfectly okay.

I’m learning that it is perfectly okay to like what I like and I shouldn’t allow myself to be limited and boxed in by what others might think of me for tastes and preferences and for creating the kind of art that I like to create.

If we don’t give in to our own likes and dislikes, create those things from the whispers of our soul and those things that make our heart sing, then what in this world are we doing any of this for?

Tell me, are you holding back because of what other people might think? Are you shying away from the art or colors or clothing you really like because of the opinions from the outside?  What would you create (or wear or do) if no one else on earth mattered but you?

Tell me…I really, really, REALLY want to know.

Peace & Love,


  1. I really like both of your pages! They are beautiful and heartfelt!
    Hugs and blessings

  2. I could have written this Barb... I always define myself as a Paradoxical Being.

    Thanks for sharing it. And know you are not alone like this ;)

  3. Stating today, I am working toward being the real me. Trying to please everyone has not worked well for me so far. I do love both of your pages, the green stamps rock!


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