Saturday, June 11, 2011

Losing Myself


I love getting my hands dirty…well, dirty in a paint kind of way. It makes my heart feel good and my soul just soars when my fingers start spreading the paint around on the canvas. As my friend Heither (yes, that’s how she spells it) put it, it is my form of meditation. I never realized it but she’s exactly right. Creating is my meditation.

I’ve been working in my journals again, finally. For quite some time it has been a real struggle for me to really get into journaling the way I used to get into it…but it has come back. That’s what happens with most things that we love…they wax and they wane.


I started this one a while back and when the urge to journal came back, I started here and it was actually fun again.


This one is still in progress…more writing and doodling to be done but it’s getting there.

I only have a couple more spreads in this journal before I’m done and will move on to my next art journal, my next experimental journey into my creativeness, trying techniques and in quieting my overactive brain. My next bit of meditating with paint on my fingers.

Art journaling is a love affair.

But every bit of creating that I do is a love affair for me…each piece I create is a little piece of my soul that I put out there.


This is another piece that I’m working on right now. She is definitely a work in progress with a ways to go but she’s getting there..

I’ve also got some jewelry that I’m making for the shop, some smaller pieces of mixed media,, and even some journals in progress, too. Before I can work on any of them much, though, I have a custom order for a quilted book/bible cover that I am working on for a customer. I love doing those…they let me just lose myself in the fabric and the sewing.

It’s all about the creative process, I suppose.

I wonder, what do people do that don’t have creativity to lose themselves in?

Peace & Love,


  1. Hey lady! Love your journal pages. You are a expert when it comes to cool lettering. I never thought that you would not take your little friend with you to Florida. Or maybe I missed something sad before you left on your new journey. I hope not, but maybe the kitty will begin to become a family member soon and bring happiness. Have fun on the beach!

  2. I am so sorry that you are so lonely. I know Chloe has left her pawprints on your heart. I still pray that she'll turn up, somehow.

  3. What a gorgeous blog! I'm uplifted by your passion and creativity and I am wild about that font you use. Is it one you made or a commercial one? I am a lover of good fonts; use them a lot to write in my journal. xo

  4. love your blog...will follow from now on...what paint do you use for your finger painting?

  5. Just found your blog. Great stuff! And keep on journaling. I keep an art journal so I can get through my kids teenage years without EATING THEM! Feel free to visit me any time:


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