Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Much to Tell…

Y’all know how I get all overwhelmed with things? Well, that’s how I am this beautiful Wednesday morning. So much I want to tell you about, so much going on and so many goodies to share…so, I think I’ll do some bullet points to make quick work of it (the studio is calling my name loudly this morning!)

  • I’m beginning work on a new online class, this one for beginning art journalers. It will cover creating a journal from scratch (in an easy-peasy way, of course) through the actual journaling process with lots of techniques and prompts to fight the blank page syndrome that so many of us have struggled with in our journaling. I really think this class will be a great one! Videos, handouts, prompt lists, technique handouts, etc…just chock full of art journaling goodness.
  • Had a great Saturday of thrift store shopping. Found a great dresser for a mere $25, not to mention lots of other goodies. I am really getting into wearing sundresses and I found three in my size that are uber cute and comfy, too.I even managed to decorate our 2nd bathroom with a shower curtain and two rugs for under $8!!! I love thrifting…it gives me a real rush to find a great bargain.
  • I am working in the studio every single day. I have lots of canvases beginning to take shape, slowly and bit by bit.I have been working on more than one at a time, that way when I get hung on one, I just move to the next one and work a while. I’ve been trying very hard to forge ahead in creating in my own way and not in the way that I think others create…to make my own path, I guess you could say. It’s working for me so far so I’m just going to keep on truckin’ with it.
  • I swore to myself I wasn’t going to take anymore online classes for a while. I still have materials from other classes I’ve taken that I still need to work through so taking more seems wasteful. But, there is always a but huh?, when I saw that Claudine Helmuth was giving an online class on collage, I couldn’t resist! So yeah, I have another class I’m taking starting next week. YAY!!
  • I finally broke down and retained an attorney to help me with getting my disability. I’ve done as much as I can on my own and if I want the wheels of justice to move at a fairly quick pace, having a lawyer that knows the system and the judges is one sure way to speed things up. I am hopeful that we’ll get a hearing on my appeal before the end of the year. *crossing fingers*

I’ll leave y’all with this…it is the face makes me smile and laugh, takes care of me and makes me unbelievably happy!

Gosh, I love that man of mine!

Anyway, happy humpday, y’all. Back soon with some progress shots.

Peace & Love,

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  1. You sound so happy and full of ideas!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

    Not sure what your disability is, but my sister tried it through lawyers in Florida where she lives. There are tons of paperwork and I think it took a few times, but it was worth it!!!! She got it! She has bad hips from arthritis. Good luck!


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