Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Deal

So, this is the deal…my husband’s employer has become wishy-washy. All I ask is for them to say what they mean and mean what they say. They have made us promise after promise to us about our move to Florida. Once again they have reneged on what they gave us as law just last week.

We are once again in limbo…and it is stressing me to the max!

How do you pack and plan when you don’t know where you’re going much less WHEN you’re going? It’s impossible. It’s beyond impossible and it’s highly frustrating.

*Huge Sigh*

So, we’ve made a decision…if they don’t have concrete plans for us by tomorrow (Friday) by the close of business, he’s going to tender his resignation. This flip-flopping us around is for the birds. There are over 1,000 auto parts stores or car dealerships (Parts Management) in the Tampa and Clearwater areas, where we really want to be so we’re willing to take our chances.

I really believe they will give him something concrete in the morning, though, but we do have Plan B in case they don’t.

I have already started weeding through things to streamline and simplify our belonging for the move.

We are really going to go minimalistic for this new adventure and I am finding it VERY hard to weed down my art supplies. I feel like everything is a necessity. lol I really gotta get stronger about this, I know…but it’s soooo hard.

Anyway, our winner of last weeks giveaway (Somerset Life magazine) never contacted me so be the first one to let me know in a comment and it is yours.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Maybe more tomorrow between weeding and packing.

Peace & Love,


  1. I hope you guys hear tomorrow cause with the economy the way it is, it is scary to not have a job. I know what you said, but I have to worry. You know you can always send me of your too many art supplies to hold for you until you get settled again. Right? It might take pulling eye teeth to get them back though;-)

  2. I hope and pray all works out. Because like Sharon said everybody is looking for work. However as far as stream lining your supplies. I read a blog by a well known lowbrow artist Audrey Kawasaki and she did studio pics. And do you know all she had was her stay wet paint pallet her paints and brushes. She paints on wood so she made them as she needed them. It definitely made me think about getting rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff I have laying around my studio. When truly all I need are the basics. Hope this helps...peace and blessings hun :)

  3. That's stupid. I hope it all works out. What am I talking about? I KNOW it'll all work out somehow.

    I wish Bob's workplace could transfer him somewhere we actually want to live. They only have stores as far south as Virginia and as far west as Pennsylvania


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