Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trying to be…

…something I’m not.

I have been making changes all over the place in my life…to my blog, to my online shops, to my creative practices, and on and on. But nothing feels right. It’s like I am trying, with all these changes, to be something I’m not.

Tree on Fire

I read blogs of artists and other creative types that I admire and, being totally honest here, I can’t help but wonder how these people manage to have the lives that they do? I see this one going to Paris, this other one headed to Portugal or Bali, another one supports her entire family off the income she makes online with her creativity.

Be Free3

Please know that I am not being jealous…that is 100% NOT what I am getting at here, not in the least. What I’m wondering is how? How do these artists/creatives do it? What are they doing to make themselves so damn successful? See, it’s not that I’m jealous, I am totally and completely thrilled for each of them…it’s that I want to know how they are doing what they’re doing…how they’ve managed to get it right?

I’m not comparing art quality here, each one that I’m thinking of is different so it’s not some formula they are following…it’s much, much more than that kind of thing. I am sure of that. I’m looking and I’m learning, taking notes if you will, and I’m really giving thought as to how I want to continue my online presence and my creative life.


I have discovered one thing I know to be true…to get ahead!!! So, instead of doing all these changes as I chase the dream, I’ve decided to take a different approach to every bit of my life. It’s time for me to stop trying to do what everyone else is doing and get back to just being me. Time to get back to Craft Therapy, not Lonely Tree Studio…I did that because I thought that’s what the successful artists do but it doesn’t feel like me. I am still a crafter in addition to being an artist, I love it all.


My art journals have been gathering dust because I have been so busy trying to figure out how to be “an artist” rather than spending my time just being one. How crazy is that?!?! Yeah, it’s so stupid. I realize that now…but it made sense when I was doing it.

This life of mine is a journey and throughout my journey I hope to keep learning and changing and discovering things about myself; this is certainly a lesson, a discovery. I’m stretching my creative muscles through self discovery.

In addition, I am finding such hope, such love and kindness in the Goddess Circle with Goddess Leonie. She and the fellow goddesses (not a religious thing so don’t think that) I have met there are so full of support & goodness that it can’t NOT give me a great place to find out more about myself and be surrounded by gentle spirits who ‘get me’ while I do.

In keeping with my simplification of things and my decision to embrace who I am and stop trying to ‘do what they do,’ I want to offer some discounts to my loyal readers who have stuck by me while I have been dancing around like a crazy woman over here. LOL

Plus, there is no shame in admitting that I am trying to make a living here, so raising funds is never a bad thing!

First, if you are interested in my Micro-Workshop, Into the Groove, I am running a sale on it…regularly $15.00, now on sale for $9.00 (40% off!!!)  I believe it holds a ton of great information for art journaling and for the price, it can’t be beat. Take advantage of this great price until, at least, April 15th.

You can just click the “Buy Now” button below and you’re off and running! Or, if you want more info (nothing wrong with that,) go to my Workshops page and read all about it. (If you’ve already taken Into the Groove and think it’s a worthwhile class, share the link with your friends and/or blog readers, please. I would be forever grateful!)

Only $15.00!!!
ON SALE for $9.00!!!

Also, I am running a 40% sale on most of the items in my Artfire shop, too. We are still planning the move to Florida in the next 4-6 weeks and I really need to decrease my inventory before we have to start packing things up. Check out my shop HERE or below and pick up some really great deals while they last. (Items marked with a sale banner in the bottom right corner are included in the 40% off sale.)


And last, I really hope that you will all stick with me while I do some serious transitioning. I have got to get back to being me and, in doing so, my blog and my shop will both be going through some changes, yet again. I have crafts that I’m working on that I can’t wait to share with you all, some sewing projects that I’ve got going that you have got to see, and lots of art journaling goodness to share with you in the days and weeks to come.

Bear with me…I’m getting there.

Peace & Love,


  1. It's very hard not to be jealous. I'm always very jealous of the instructors I see traipsing about foreign countries. Traveling abroad and teaching is my dream. I have taught for about 14 years now. I have taught in Canada and Mexico. I DREAM about teaching outside of the U.S. I was very close once to doing it (but it fell through because a bigger name teacher got the gig, her dream job).

    I support my family teaching but I work my butt off. I'm not complaining in any way! Please don't get me wrong. My husband is unemployed. We're lucky we live in a rent controlled apartment and drive an old car. We live cheap. We have to. We live paycheck to paycheck. We have no savings but we do have debt. I make far less than minimum wage. We often do not have the money we want to do things we'd like to do, but we are happy. I've been teaching just about every weekend for 14 years. In the past few years, it keeps getting harder and harder because the shops I teach at keep closing. I've lost 9 shops (just locally) in the past 4 years. I often stress and worry.

    I'm not trying to discourage you or anything. You just need to realize that it takes time-a lot of time and a ton of work. I don't take a vacation-I can't. Even when I travel, I am working. I can't afford not to not work.

    Yet all of it is totally worth it. I LOVE my job. I love being with my family. I am so thankful that even in the toughest times, we have each other to lean on. I'm so thankful when my husband listens to me again and again when I am stressed or feeling jealous (like you posted above).

    The bottom line is, jealousy doesn't get you anywhere. Hard work, time and perseverance won't get you everywhere, but it will open the door for some things.

    Chin up. Paint brush out. :)

  2. I will always follow you. Whether you hit the big time or not! I agree with Kelly....Chin up and look forward to your new life on the beach!

  3. I don't know how they do it either Barb. It seems to just come to them doesn't it? Oh well, we will all get out turn in the limelight some day!
    Keep being you and don't try to be something you're not - it never works!
    Hugs and blessings

  4. Do you follow Kelly Rae's blog? Its awesome, but she also has an e-book on how she started her online business and other inspirational things. I keep almost buying it, but know I am not in a place to think about that yet. I need to focus on maybe picking up a paintbrush first.

  5. I went through that myself last year. Trying my hand at making a living with it. I found myself miserable instead of happy.

    In the past three months I have cut a ton of stuff out of my life. Now it's just work, school, family and what ever I deem fits in. I had to learn to say no. I'm finding I'm much happier for it too.


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