Friday, March 18, 2011

How do you?

How do you find things to say and the right way to say them, day in and day out?

Not only do I feel like I have lost my creative mojo lately (while fighting this stupid flu which is now lingering on in its 3rd week) but I find that since I’ve been spending my days resting, reading blogs, blowing my nose and hacking like a barking seal, I can’t find anything blog-worthy to write about on here.

Do you ever do that? Just draw a complete blank in every area that you’re usually so full of ideas?

Yeah, that’s where I’m at right about now.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and, being a good girl of Irish descent (my maiden name is McCormack, see what I mean?), I should have done a bit o’ celebrating but not this year. I didn’t even make corned beef and cabbage or have even the slightest sip from one single green beer!!!

I know, I’m totally slacking these days.

*hanging head in shame*

Because our move is coming up quickly, I did decide that I better start doing some de-stashing and clearing out of all kinds of things around here so I’ve worked on that a bit here and there.

I also decided that having a sale in my Artfire shop would be a good idea so I can move some of my art & supplies and not have to move them. So, if you’re in the market for original artwork or supplies, come save 40% on most art & supplies in MY SHOP with code TAXTIME. Why TAXTIME?!?! Cause the sale is good through April 15th, normal tax day here in the U.S. lol

If you’ve thought about taking Into the Groove, it’s on sale through my shop at the 40% off deal so be sure to head over there and grab it now.  I’ve got more items to add (and LOTS of areas of the house that need to be gone through and decluttered) so I really need to work on that tomorrow.

Here’s hoping I have a better day tomorrow and a much better weekend, for sure!

What have you got going this weekend?

Oh, and yesterday’s poem? I will let ya know what meaning I find in it, I promise…give me a few days.

Peace & Love,

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  1. I didn't do celebrating either - unless you count wearing green and making cake for others as a celebration. Finally. at the end of the night I sipped some nice whiskey just to feel less ashamed ;)
    When I have nothing to say or share, I don't. However I have found if I say I am on an official blog break.... I have tons to share suddenly! So you can always use some reverse psychology if necessary!


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