Friday, February 4, 2011

Hearts Aflutter

You’ll be proud to know that I have been in the studio, creating up a storm…sorta.

IMG_0785I’ve had Valentines Day on my mind so, what comes with Valentines but hearts, right?   Well, I’ve had these 6”x6” canvases background painted for weeks but had no idea
where I was going to take them until the whole heart idea came about…so I went with it. I know, hearts are so damn cliche’ but you go with what you’ve got, ya know what I’m saying?

IMG_0788Anyway, the hearts were not only cliche’ but they were also way too plain…they needed something else.  What do I turn to? Quotes, sayings, lyrics…beautiful words that mean something.  Once I added those, I liked the pieces quite a bit more. I even kinda fell in love with one in particular, especially since it reminded me of my sister.

IMG_0791My sister that I was estranged from for quite some time but who is now my very dearest friend and most trusted ally…I love and adore her so much. I trust her implicitly and know that I will never be able to be half the friend to her that she is to me…yes, my sister is my closest, dearest friend.
Two years ago I wouldn’t have said that but now?
Now, she is and I can not imagine my life without her in it…and this piece, with the beautiful little soaring dove,
made me immediately think of her. 
It’s going to be my Valentine present for her.

The other pieces are going to be listed in my shop along with a couple of other love/happy pieces I’ve done (but have failed to photograph yet.)

How are things with y’all?
Any fabulous new creations in your repertoire?

Peace & Love,


  1. WOW!! Hush my mouth! I can't believe I never commented on your post. Since my day job is support, that is what I believe in. And you are 100% right, I need to quite blogging for everybody and start blooging for me!! I think I just needed to vent a little!! It clears the air, and gives you a chance to see what you were whinning about and it was worth it. Guess what?? I am gooder!! Back to arting....oh wait I have to go to the day job this morning!! Ugh! Thanx for your help. Yes I forgive, I know you have challenges. No pressure!

  2. Such lovely artwork! I love the heart idea!

    You also have a very nice blog.

    I hope that one day people will leave their comments in my blog like how they do for yours.


  3. Hi, Barb! Love your cheerful hearts! :-)

  4. Barb -- Hi! you've been so sweet with your comments on my blog, i've finally had a chance to visit you! Love your creations! You asked about the paints I use and they are from Holbein. They are beyond fabulous and better than Golden in my opinion (I have lots of Golden products and use them, too -- don't get me wrong!) The matte Holbein are like butter -- so luscious and the colors are WOW. INcredible. I buy them on line although Dick Blick does sell some Holbein products -- just not the matt paints I love so much.
    Happy painting!! See you in bloggyworld soon sometime :)

  5. i love love love those heart canvases! (but then you know I do have a thing for pink, and for hearts!)
    and how wonderful that you and mandy are so close now! xoxo

  6. I love these little canvas they are so cute and meaningful... Nothings says it better than words :)

    Lisa Marie


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