Friday, January 14, 2011

What Tomorrow Brings

It’s 12:15am and I really need to be asleep but I just wanted to check in before I turn in for the night.

Richie & I have to be up at 5am and on the road by 6am on our way to Birmingham where he is having a steroid epidural thing done to his back. He has 3 bulging and 1 torn vertebral disks that are causing him tremendous pain and this treatment is supposed to give him some great relief.

We really hope it does.

This is only a stop-gap measure to help him make it until we find out better what is wrong with my heart and what I’m going to have to have done (balloon angioplasty? stints? who knows?)  Once we get me in better shape then we can focus on getting his surgery so that he can be well, too.

It’s just one thing after another. I hate to whine, I absolutely hate it! Yet, here I am doing it…again. Just like I whined and cried to my sister tonight. This health stuff is so serious and overwhelming that it just takes over your mind completely. At least, that’s what it has done to me lately.

Well, thanks for letting me just spill a little.

Anyway, by the time most of you read this, we’ll be on our way to Birmingham and I just wanted to ask that y’all keep Richie in your thoughts today…he could really use some relief from all the pain he’s enduring daily right now.

I’ll be back with y’all in a day or two.

Peace & Love,


  1. Saying prayers for both of you. Being in pain is not a fun thing. My Husband had to have 3 stints put in and Feb. will be 3 yrs. He's had no trouble since but he had to make some lifestyle changes. He's going to be having a Rotator Cuff repair in March. I totally understand what you're going through. Hope he feels better and your mind will ease from the worrying. Have a safe trip.

  2. Oh my, I am send Richie positive healthy back signals this morning. Make him think positive about getting better. You both will be on mind today. Travel safe. Catch us up later, my friend.

  3. I have 2 prodruding discs so I know at least a bit of his pain. I have the option of the epidural shot too if it gets bad enough. I have heard several great things about the relief from those shots.

    I am sorry you are both going through pain and health problems. I will send up a prayer for comfort for the two of you.

    ~Lanie J.

  4. Im thinking of you darling and sending light

  5. Good luck!!! And thank you SO much for your comments on Collage Journeys. Love your tutorials; I'm going to make your foam stamps.

  6. Barb, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys! be safe :)


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