Saturday, December 25, 2010

From the Bottom of My Heart

It’s Christmas morning, shortly before 10am, and we woke up this morning to snow!!! We live in Alabama, y’all…it hardly ever snows here so to wake up Christmas morning to snow falling an the ground covered with a few inches of the beautiful white stuff is stunning. Quite the site, to say the least. Our house is warm and cozy despite the chilly snow on the ground outside.

It’s also quiet and peaceful…not at all what any Christmas morning has ever been in my entire life so it’s a bit disorienting.

We did a little celebration here last night with our girls and boy, the son-in-law, the grandboy and my wonderful in-laws. It wasn’t a huge celebration but a quiet meal of way too much food prepared by all us women (and I think I overdid it a little by using my left arm way more than I should)…ham and chicken tenders with all the sides, 3 different pies (sweet potato, key lime and pecan), candies & snacks (Oreo balls, peanut butter balls, Chex mix, sausage balls, and puppy chow)…YUM!

We made the decision not to exchange gifts between us adults this year since none of us could afford it… we only bought gifts for the kids and the kids loved every single thing they received.

Noah, the grandboy got a new ‘big boy’ bicycle from Richie & I so we’ll be helping him learn to ride with no training wheels over the next few days. He is very excited about moving up to a ‘real’ bike and not a little one anymore. I think he wants to be like the other big boys in the neighborhood and maybe this bike will help him feel like he fits in better.

His mom, Savannah, got him lots of goodies…games for his Wii, lots of books (since he’s learning to read and loves it), an art kit (a gift I am soooo happy he received!), clothes, etc. Aunt Shelby & Uncle Toad got him a remote control Ferrari and he is having a great time with it (although chasing my poor Chloe pup with it is freaking her out a bit. LOL) He received lots of good things and is having a ball with all of them.

Chad, our 15 y/o autistic son, said all he wanted for Christmas was a black kitty cat named Chester.


Yes, Chad asks for strange things like that most of the time and I do what I can to answer those little wants of his so that is exactly what he got… a black kitty named Chester.

Chad also loves maps, menus from restaurants and pictures of foods so I am working on making him a couple of special books…one is ‘Chad’s Book of Maps’ that will have maps of the cities that he loves (NYC for Barney live in NYC, Albuquerque for the hot air balloon festival, etc.) and another book, ‘Chad’s Menu Book’, that is full of restaurant menus from all the restaurants that he loves.  These are the kind of things that Chad loves and I know when he comes over tomorrow he will be so excited to open his books and will pour over them for months to come.

I had planned to make his books much earlier but my broken shoulder got in the way so it’s been tough trying to create them before Christmas…but, since I received a very cool bookbinding tool yesterday (YAY! but more on that later), my task just got tremendously easier so I know I can finish up Chad’s books today. YAY!

That is our little Christmas in a nutshell. Smaller than in years past but good, none the less. I hope that each of you is having a wonderful Christmas or other Holiday (if you celebrate) and that you are each blessed in every way possible this season.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to each of you that take the time to come here  for being my friends, even when all I can seem to do is whine. It is my goal for the new year to be more upbeat, share more art and tutorials, give more classes, and just share my love of art in every way possible (and with much less whining, too!)

Enjoy your day in whatever way makes you happy…that’s what I’ll be doing.

Sending each of you much
Peace & Love,


  1. Barb do you have any fake credit cards (the ones that come in junk mail) or used up gift cards laying around? I have worked with kids with special needs, and one child on the autism spectrum LOVED LOVED menus also. He and I would role play being a waitress, he would order off the menu and I would write it down in a little notepad, bring him back an imaginary plate of food and ask for his credit card. it could go on and on for hours. having a credit card made it all the more magical and "real"

  2. Merry Christmas to my dear friend and her beautiful family. Sounds like you have been having a great time and cool on the snow for you, I will let you keep it, LOL! Great to look at from a far. My Christmas is also very quiet this year as it always is cause I can't be with my son, DIL and the grandkids, but I talked to them last night and they will call today some time. I will be having dinner with my parents today and sister and BIL. I have been working in my journal all morning and did 2 pages. I got a Tim Holtz Vagabond die cutter from my hubby. I need more dies, but plan to buy a few on ebay each payday. Hope you got a Cinch!! I have a Bind it All that is brand new, but I think I would trade for a Cinch, looks easier!! Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and tell everyone I said Howdy even though we don't know each other, that is OK cause they are your family, so my friends!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! I love snow on Christmas!!!
    love the idea of a food and map book. :)

  4. An easy way to put it all together, and something that adds extra fun, would be to put the maps and menus in the plastic page protectors and put it all in a three ring binder. Then they become dry erase boards (and if he happens to get bored with the same ones you can quickly change them out). He can trace out routes, or draw pictures of the events that happen in certain areas. You could also put snapshots and postcards in the cover of the binder so that he can have personal favorites with him all the time.


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