Monday, November 22, 2010

Things that Make Me Happy

So many Mondays many of us wake up and dread the day ahead. It’s Monday, the weekend is over, the workweek is ahead of us (or, for some of us, just another week of the same old thing is ahead of us,) and that makes Mondays a tough day.

Not this week, though…not for me. It’s a week to be thankful and to recognize all the good things in our lives.That’s what I’m doing today so here are some things that make me happy.

My husband, Richie. I would rather be with him than anywhere else on earth. He makes me laugh like no one else on earth, he’s the best friend I’ve ever had, I trust him without end, plus he’s the sexiest man ever!…he is my soul mate.

Art Supplies…oh how art supplies make me happy! YUM!

Books. All kinds of books. Yes, books make me VERY happy.

  Art Journaling…seeing the work of others, playing in my own art journals, experimenting, learning, playing, everything about art journals make me happy!
(This page by
Teesha Moore)

My little precious Chloe pup who is forever by my side.

Anything that combines caramel, pecans & chocolate but especially brownies; brownies are my downfall.
*mouth watering*

Nuff said…I adore NPR podcasts. Listen to tons of them.

The beach…more precisely Clearwater Beach, Florida…
where we’ll soon be living!

Yes, these things among many, many others make me happy…so that’s where I’m keeping my focus today.

So tell me, what’s on your list of things that make you happy this Monday?

Peace & Love,


  1. Great post girlie. I LOVE that pic of you and Richie!! list of happiness...

    God, who loves me in spite of my flaws and imperfections and who blesses me with such abundance each and every day!

    My wonderful, sexy husband who loves me more than I ever thought one person could love, my best friend, my soul mate...I thank God every day for this man!

    My two kiddos, I have truly been blessed with the two most awesome young men! It is truly a joy to be the mom of Jeremy (16)and Damon (14).

    My scruppy (scruffy + puppy = scruppy..hehehe) Chloe. There's no love like the love of a pup!

    My best girl friend Issa and my online friends...combined, I have a wealth of wonderful ladies who I share such sweet encouragement and support.

    Art Supplies...
    Crochet hooks....
    Knitting needles....

    Really I could go on and on...I told ya...I'm blessed with abundance!♥

    "Your history is not your destiny."--A. Cohen

  2. Things that make me happy:

    Art journaling

    A call from my son & his family

    Another day my Dad is alive (he's 92)

    Surfing artsy blogs

    Talking to artsy friends

    A pain free day

    A good day at work

    Sleeping for long periods of time

    Book Stores


    Yard Sales

    Journaling Get Aways with friends

    Cruizin' art stores

    My paycheck (to buy more art supplies)

    Art Journaling (Oh yea, I said that)

  3. hey that brownie looks like the godiva caramel brownie i've been wanting!

  4. Downfall...I think you mean delight. :) Just found your blog and really love it. Cheers.


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