Friday, November 19, 2010

Lonely Tree Studio

You have to leave the city of your comfort
and go into the wilderness of your intuition. 
What you'll discover will be wonderful. 
What you'll discover is yourself. 
~Alan Alda


For two and a half years, I have blogged here under the blog title of Craft Therapy and Craft Therapy has done me well. It has been my home online, the city of my comfort, and I love it here. Wait…No fears, I’m not going anywhere…I’m just doing some minor renovating here at my little online home. All homes need some sprucing up from time to time, right?

I realized some time ago that I am no longer only about crafts but that I have grown and am finding that my focus is based more in art…my art…and learning more about the arts that I have grown to love.  This is my trek into the wilderness of my own intuition. Oh yes, I still have my crafty moments (what is life without a little craftiness here and there?) but even those moments are part of my studio and no longer just for therapeutic purposes (although the therapy part still helps, though.)

It has taken me forever to find the studio name that fit and that felt right but it finally came to me a few weeks back. That should explain the name change…I am Lonely Tree Studio.

I just didn’t want anyone wondering what the heck was up with the name change. My intuition says it’s time to narrow my focus a bit and see where it takes me. I am willing to bet that by focusing on my art and art journaling I will find out more about myself than I ever knew possible.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the journey with me…time will only tell where it will take me.

And hey, leave a comment every once in a while, why don’t ya? It’s nice to know visitors have stopped by and that I’m not here alone, talking to myself. LOL

Peace & Love,


  1. sounds good to me...

    i'm all about finding my focus at the moment...


  2. I like the name, it's lovely. I have been reading for a couple of months now, hi!


  3. Hi Barb! I have had your blog bookmarked for quite awhile now, love it! And I really, really like your new look. Best wishes on the new name and new directions that it may take you.

  4. I love the new you!! I believe that you will find more happiness with a positve change. I look forward to see what will inspire you my friend!

  5. Change is good. Congrats on moving along on your journey.

  6. It is a beautiful name, and you definitely aren't talking to yourself! haha
    Thank you so much for your encouragement on my painting.


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Peace & Love,

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