Wednesday, November 24, 2010

List It Tuesday 1.3

Thanks to Aimee at Artsyville, I am continuing with my List it Tuesday posts. (I know, it’s 11:45pm but hey, it’s still technically Tuesday! lol) Anyway, I love lists so much…I always have seventy-‘leven (for those of you north of the Mason-Dixon, that’s Southern for a whole dang bunch) of them going.  So, let’s get on with today’s list.

 Creative endeavors I want to try/start

  1. Quilting…real quilting, the full size, crinkley, soft, just-like-yo-granny-made kind of quilting. 
  2. Pottery…throwing clay on a wheel kind of pottery.
  3. Stained glass…how I’d love to make beautiful pieces to hang in my windows.
  4. Book binding…the real kind, where I create books that look like the kind on the bookstore shelves. 
  5. Soap making…I want some yummy goats milk and oatmeal soap; an unending supply of it.
  6. Woodworking…I love furniture and bookshelves, picture frames and ornate plaques, not to mention the smell of cut wood.
  7. Welding…don’t laugh! I love beautiful shaped metal pieces. Big ones and small ones. How fun it would be to work with metal.
  8. Sculpting…more of a paper mache kind of thing but creating 3 dimensional pieces, none the less.
  9. Encaustics…I love the smell of warm bees wax and encaustics have the most gorgeous sheen to them.

Those are a few of the art forms I’d love to try, at least once, and see which ones I like. Who knows, one of them might even stick?

What art forms are out there that you’d love to dip your tootsies into once or twice? Do tell?

Happy Tuesday…or Wednesday, now that it’s after midnight!

Peace & Love,

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  1. i love welding, but only had the available resources and instructors for a really short time. what a fun and creative list!!


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