Wednesday, November 17, 2010

List it Tuesday 1.2

This should tell you all that I don’t write my posts ahead of time since it is almost 10pm and I’m just now getting around to doing my List it Tuesday post. I have had two horrendous days, I’m tellin’ ya!

But, hopefully, things have calmed down a bit and now maybe I can actually catch my breath. *crossing fingers*

First off yesterday, we had an internet outage that lasted for about 5 hours then, in the midst of that, my iPhone DIED! Yea, I’m not saying that it went a little haywire…it kicked the bucket…complete hardware malfunction…my  precious little white iPhone 3Gs 16G is no more. *sniffle* Then, to top off those two technological disasters that had already made it a very bad day, a shelf in my kitchen island broke and about half of my glassware (Pyrex, mixing bowls, serving dishes, corningware, etc) shattered in the process.

Oh yeah, Monday was just not my day. Not in the least.

Today? Eh, it was just one of those days. Took me 3 hours at the AT&T store to get a new phone. They were out of iPhone 4’s so, seeing that I can NOT be without a phone, I got a Samsung Captivate that I can return within 30 days and trade for an iPhone 4 if I choose to (and I’m sure I will. I miss my iPhone, dang it!)

Enough of my whining…how’s about I List something wonderful to brighten my mood?Magazines I read regularly

    1. Cloth Paper Scissors
    2. Real Simple
    3. Consumer Digest
    4. Better Homes & Gardens
    5. Readers Digest
    6. People
    7. Art Journaling
    8. Southern Living
    9. DIY
    10. Numerous Somerset Mags

I hope that your week has started off a bit better than mine but hey, it’ll be a new day tomorrow…a whole ‘nother chance to get it all right. Right?

Peace & Love,


  1. Great art Barb! I have satilla tiles too and have definintely experienced the same situation. Hope today is better for you!

  2. Well my Tuesday started off like your Monday when my power cord to my work laptop died in the night, so when I needed to work yesterday morning, no computer. Dead as a doornail, cause the battery had drained all night! UGH! $83.00 at Best Buy, but I am getting another from HP through work. So at 10:30 yesterday all was well again in geekland. Yeaaaaa!!!!! Wishing ya a great hump day! Wow!! long goofy comment. LOL!


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