Monday, November 29, 2010

It is what it is…

It’s been a good holiday weekend…we did nothing. Seriously, we didn’t do a single thing out of the ordinary. We just relaxed, ate turkey, ham and stuffing that our daughter and son-in-law brought us from their three different Thanksgiving meals they attended (yay for me not having to cook!) and we just enjoyed our quiet, peaceful house.

I usually brave Black Friday but this year, nope…no way I was venturing out into that craziness. We’re not doing a whole lot of gift giving so I had no need to go out and fight the crowds, thankfully.

Today, however, it’s back to regular life…the hubby is back at work on a regular schedule and I have two doctor’s appointments today. One is with my regular doc for my monthly visit but the other is for disability and I’m really hoping that goes well. Wish me luck.

So, it’s time for a shower and to get out the door and get this day started.

I hope your post-holiday Monday is a good one.

Peace & Love,

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  1. Although I am probably late in wishing you a very positive Doctor visit today with the Dis Doc I am sending it your way anyway.


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