Monday, November 8, 2010

Can Thinking be Considered a Hobby?

Lots of thinking going on….

  • I worry all the time about Donne and what we’re going to do about her living situation. She’s worried, too, I can tell. My little sister and I have both been on the phone constantly trying to get things situated for her in order to get her into an assisted living place. There is also the matter of getting her VA benefits straightened out, too. I don’t feel like I’m doing enough to help out with all of this but I am trying to do what I can. I do hope that we can get everything figured out this week…it would be a load off all of our minds.
  • The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t really care what other people think of me and how I dress or wear my hair, the jewelry I wear, etc.  It’s really about being true to myself and I don’t think I’ve been doing that lately. I have to work on this little problem. My mother-in-law noticed my nose-ring since I have a hoop in it now and she called Richie about it. She said he should talk me into “taking that crazy thing out.” LOL  I can’t wait to hear what she (or anyone else) says when I get my dreadlocks in soon.  *grin*
  • I think I need to start an inspiration book…I see things I like or that I want to do to our cottage when we get to Florida and I need somewhere to keep these ideas together. Does anyone have experience in doing inspiration boards or books? I guess I need to research it…another little something to add to my ever present to-do list, huh?
  • Speaking of the Florida cottage, I have this great chair that I bought at a furniture sale years ago. The upholstery has seen better days so I decided that it’s time to repaint the wood from it’s current deep, dark to a distressed white since we want our cottage to be bright and airy and have a happy feeling to it (not a dark and dreary feeling like so much of our furniture seems to have right now)…and, to match the brighter distressed white finish I’m going to do, I thought I also need to recover the upholstered part with some great fabric. The hubby and I found and agreed on this fabulous fabric that we both love (since we’re going for blues & greens when we decorate down there): Jennifer Paganelli KIMBERLY Emerald
    What do you think…isn’t it bright and cheery and beachy? I love it! I will have to take before and after (and maybe some in progress) photos of the chair so you can all see what we’re starting with and were it winds up.
  • Savannah, my oldest daughter, and the grandboy are finally (FINALLY!) moving out into a place of their own this week. I love them both so much but living with them is impossible for us. They are so loud, messy, inconsiderate, use everyone else’s stuff (and never replace it), take over every room in the house…oh, the list could go on and on forever but suffice to say that it will be so good to have our house back to ourselves. I know that the stress level around here will decrease tremendously and we could both use it. I am certain that Richie’s mood will improve and he’ll be easier to live with and that I will feel better physically & mentally and I’ll probably feel much more creative, too. Plus they need to be out on their own…it’s time.
  • I decided to move both of my Etsy shops over to Artfire and into a single shop. I signed up for the pro account at Artfire quite a while back and cost-wise it is a much better place for my shop…not to mention that you get more traffic and more promotion from Artfire than I have gotten at Etsy. I already have everything imported, now to get it all arranged into the right categories and put up the “I have moved” signs up on my Etsy shops.
  • I think the Micro-Workshop has gone pretty good. I’ve learned more about creating pdf documents and my skills in making and editing videos has improved, too. I think the next Micro-Workshop will be even better.  If you haven’t already signed up for this first one, ‘Into the Groove’, be sure to check it out through the “My Workshops” tab up at the top of the page…I’d love to have you join.

I guess that is about it for me right now since I need to get busy on my Artfire shop and give my sweet Chloe a bath, too.

I hope your week has started off well and that your entire week is a really great one.

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi, Barb! It sounds like you've got a lot going on, but in a good way! Enjoy the ride! I like the blues and greens! One of my friends kept ideas for her future home in a separate blog. Maybe that would work for you, too? Good luck! :-)

  2. Hey my friend. Grab up some journal and create a gluebook for your cottage ideas. Every time you see something you like from a zine or something else. Glue it into the gluebook. You can even call it a Cottage Placement Book or something else wonky. Glad to hear you are getting your house back.

  3. So much going on! I hope you keep finding time for yourself throughout all this!

  4. Hello. I just found your blog. I am an Art Therapist. I look forward to reading more. Warmly, Karen

  5. yaay for Savannah getting her own place! It really will be best for everyone.
    I love ya chickie!


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