Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quick Hello.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet over here but trust me, I have been a busy bee working on my workshop and when I’d get stuck or bogged down, I’ve been doing a little doodling to wind down. I even listed two of my favorite “doodles” in my Etsy, including this one:

Confession time: I read over my class handout this afternoon and it seemed a little too stiff and boring to me. Hubby said it looked great but it just didn’t sit well with me…so what began as me tweaking it turned into me completely rewriting the entire thing.


It’s after 12:30am and I have most all of it redone and will get up in the morning and finish the rest. Is that crazy or what?

Yeah, serious stage fright here at the 13th hour, I suppose.

Anyway, I’m brain dead for tonight and need to lay my head on the pillow and catch some Zzzz’s since 5:45am with the hubby’s alarm will come mighty early.

Take care and for those of you that signed up for ‘Into the Groove’…we’ll be getting our groove on tomorrow (well, technically today but you know what I mean) so be sure to check your email box around 5pm CST for info!

Peace & Love,


  1. That is one amazing doodle! I really like that it is so detailed :)

  2. Excited, that things will be cooking by the time I get home tonight. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Thanx for your hard work on this.

  3. oooo I'm loving that peak of the doodle. I'll check the rest of it out in etsy. so fabulous!

  4. I love seeing your doodle. I'm just learning all the various zentangle forms, so it's amazing seeing them together in one work of art.


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