Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eating My Words

Here I am, and it’s been six days since my last post which said how I was going to be better about posting on my blog. Yeah, I’m doing real well, aren’t I? 

But seriously, I do have a few good reasons why I’ve not held up to my end of this blogging bargain…most of it is health related and I know y’all get sick of hearing how bad I feel, how much I hurt or any of the other reasons that I moan about so often. But it’s true plus I had a tooth pulled and it’s giving me fits, added to my horribly aching legs. They are seriously killing me, big time…but I’m here.

IMG_0528Even dressed my little precious one, Chloe, up in her Halloween outfit for a minute today.  I adore this pup…she is my constant companion, staying with me every moment of the day. She naps with me, paints with me, watches me read books, and even likes to watch Youtube videos with me. I guess she is our baby since we can’t (and don’t want to) have any human babies.

It wasn’t until I saw this pic that my daughter took of Chloe and I that I realized that my recent weight loss is showing, finally. I still have the extra chins (gah!) but not near as bad as they once were. YAY!  Oh, and yeah, I’ve cut all my hair off (it’s about 3/4” long all over) and I’m liking it but it needs to be blonded up a bit or, at least, some color on there besides this ashy-funky-brown…and I’ve pierced my nose. Something I’ve always wanted to do and since I have a hubby who loves me just like I am, craziness and all, I just went and did it.

I think it’s a second teenage-hood, I guess. Whatever it is, I like just doing whatever I like and not being fearful that I’ll be scolded or laughed at like I was with either of my first husbands (yes, I’ve had two previous husbands.)  Richie just laughs, like he did when he saw my nose-ring or today with Chloe’s fairy outfit, and loves me even more.

Man, that feels good.

So very, very good.

Anyway, lots going on in the artsy department, even with my feeling like bear crap this week.

IMG_0532 I pushed myself to finish up a couple of pieces (this is one of them) that were bought on commission and really need to be in the mail tomorrow. Well, treth is, they really needed to be in the mail earlier this week but, well, family “stuff” and my messed up health and trying to finish up my paperwork for my disability and going to the dentist have all trumped getting the pieces out and on their way.

I hate it when that happens but life does happen so we just have to do the best we can do, right?  That’s what I’m doing…the best I know how to do.

I don’t do much of the “Pretty Girls” kind of art anymore since they seem to be very overdone after Suzi Blu’s classes have flooded the market with TONS of them. I mean, the whole art scene doing their own version of them but I had these two and a relative wanted to buy them so…

Hey, I’m trying to make a living here….don’t look at me that way!

Sheesh! LOL

I have started, after reading Kelly Rae Roberts blog, putting those things I need to accomplish in a planner and marking them off as I finish each one. It’s good to see what I need to do and to also see those things marked off as I achieve each goal. My days are feeling more productive with this way of keeping up with things.

One of the biggies on my calendar is an Art Journaling Micro-Workshop I am going to be offering.  Keep that little idea in your head and I’ll tell you more about it in the next week or so…right now I’m working on the video and pdf for it…so, more details coming soon.

Right now, it’s late and I’m hoping the pain pills kick in soon so I’m out of here for now.  Lots of painting on tap for this weekend and a Dr.’s appointment tomorrow but I will check in with you all in a few days.

Until later….

Peace & Love,


  1. Hey Barb glad you are getting by. Congrats on the weight loss. Its so good to see you getting some painting in I know its gotta help keep your mind off the pain sometime. It definitely keeps my mind off things. I feel you on doing work that isn't as satisfying but you need the money. I am not a fan of portraits but its a market out there for them and so I do what I have too. Anyway its good seeing ya hope you feel much better. Peace and blessings

  2. Hi barb;
    wow, alot of changes for you with your nose piercing, hair cut and weight loss! Congrats on your weightloss! It is also good to do some things for ourselves when we aren't feeling so hot! My FM is flared up big time so I know what you mean about being in pain and waiting for the pain killers to kick in! You are not alone! Big hugs to you!
    I really like your painting, especially the wings!

  3. Hey my friend, sounds like you are going rebel style. Kool! Take each day and thing you are working on one step at a time, and before you know it, you will have lots accomplished. When you stand back and check out what you have done, you will amaze yourself. Looking forward to the Workshop;-)

  4. Ouch, I hope you feel better tooth pulling is never any fun. Your doggie is adorable, what is she dressed up like, and yes I am loving the new hair cut and you can see you are losing weight, congrats my friend

  5. Sending lots of comfy peace your way.

  6. Lookin good there girlie!! Love the hair!!
    Funny how those little doggies become our babies. I tell Greg everyday that Maggie is the best gift he's ever given me!! YAAAY for the weight loss. I lost 9 lbs last week!! Doing it with help from the doctor finally! Hopefully more to come!(or go, rather!)

    Love and miss you terribly!!

  7. Congrats on the weight loss. What are you doing? Any specific program? Or just general eat less move more.


  8. Hi Barb,

    This is the first time I've found your lovely blog and I feel it was meant to happen, as I have some words for you.

    I had to do the very thing that you are dreading. My mother was a victim of Alzheimer's; at first my father and I cared for her at home, but the disease progressed and it no longer became possible for us to continue.
    I won't go into details, and I won't tell you how my heart ached then, and how it still does, 8 years after her passing.

    What I WILL do is to tell you that, just as Donne did, we did the best we could for my Mom, and we couldn't do more than that.

    Since Donne's illness is very debilitating, and it is not something that can be handled at home, there is no other choice for you. You have a husband, you have a family, you have your must go on.

    You CAN visit with Donne as often as possible, be her advocate wherever she will be (making sure all of her needs are met and then some), and you can create pretty things to decorate her room.

    I believe sad things sometimes happen to us to teach us something - perhaps. as sad as this whole episode is, it is meant to help you use your internal fortitude to pull yourself up from your depression and make the most of your God given talents.

    Before you say that I don't know how difficult depression is, I must say that I've had family members and friends who have coped with it and I know it is far from being "a piece of cake".
    But, in life, we either succumb to things, or we triumph. I KNOW you can triumph!

    Have you seen this story about Nick Vujicic? There is no better inspiration for any of us.

    I'll write again, my new friend. I wish you and Donne all the best...



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